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Internal Prosecutors

Think in terms of a courtroom -- prosecutors cross-examine EVERYTHING.

This is a role some residents take up in the system that is characterized by criticizing, generally negative/pessimistic, maybe sarcastic, behaviors. Prosecutors may blockade behaviors and activities, possibly call people names, and are generally hypercritical. Due to these behaviors generally being "socially unacceptable", internal prosecutors can attract a lot of negative attention in the system.

However, prosecutors are guardians and protectors, too. In a more positive light: they play devil's advocate, they'll look over your ideas and point out the flaws so you can fix them, they protect from sly and manipulative mental/emotional abusers by questioning everything and everything and constantly reality-testing. It's like having a critic in your head if you can give them the jobs suitable for critics, it can be a very fruitful relationship.

To ease internal relations, take what they say with a grain of salt. Ask them to chill out if they're being to assertive/aggressive with criticism. But they're there to protect you. If they say something you don't like, ask why they often have a good reason.

Internal prosecutors can try to interfere with relationships (internal & external) because they are afraid there's a hidden agenda, and sometimes they're right.

They're your reality check.

When not co-conscious, internal prosecutors can be perceived as a self-critical train of thought, questioning everything you do, how you do it, why you're doing it, etc.

"Buck of Crisses is an internal prosecutor who became more critical and nasty in the face of having abusive parents with poor versions of their own reality. The need to question everything they said and defend from verbal, emotional, and mental abuse drove Buck to question everything said to us, and the need to draw as little attention/attacks as possible drove him to be hypercritical of our behavior, constantly questioning whether something we were doing would make us a target again forcing him to front and try to protect us from another attack. In developing co-awareness, Buck is now employing these skills as a protector in our system. Kinda like our system has a lawyer." The Crisses

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