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System Rebels

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Description: "Rebels" in the United Front paradigm by Crisses are the system folk who are either lone wolves or act in concert against the current fronting group. This can include what people call internal persecutors, or people with whom you have broken trust and had a falling out or fight, but may also include folk who are simply stuck residents and don't know any better because they're stuck in PTSD.

There is content for the fronting group (or "Goodie Two-Shoes" as Buck of Crisses calls them) to learn how to deal with Rebels on their end (see System Trust Issues New or Stuck Residents aka stowaways, lost souls, non-coaware identities, emotional parts, etc. New), so this content is specifically for the system rebels to listen to for their own needs/use/consideration.

  • Welcome to DID: We Are Not Your Enemy (009) New - We won't talk about you behind your back: this is where we send almost all the "Goodie Two Shoes" to start out on straightening up their act. It takes 2 to tango, right? We suggest you start here so you understand what info they may have about you if they listened to it.
  • System Trust Issues: Compromising Trust (013) New - System Trust Capstone, Part 1: What is happening in your system that erodes trust and makes it so that it's impossible to even tread water? So we share this with the Goodie Two-Shoes eventually, you may want to realize that not only are they doing stuff that is breaking trust in your system so are you.
  • "Recruits, Rebels & Adventurers: How to get on the same page and pitch in to have a better life together" (audio only in the video) - This is a conference presentation that Buck of Crisses did which is specifically for system rebels. The overall topic is how to apply your many talents to defending your system as a whole, rather than fighting with other internals.
  • System Trust Issues: Building Trust (014) New - System Trust Capstone, Part 2: Now that you've stopped the constant eroding your system trust, what can you do to proactively build it up? This is the final trust episode we share with the Goodie Two Shoes. For you, your trust building might be more along the lines of the conference session shared above but maybe theres more you can do that you'll find in this podcast episode.

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