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System Rebels: internal prosecutors, persecutors, saboteurs, meddlers, miscreants, undesirable behavior, etc.

Description: "Rebels" in the United Front paradigm by Crisses are the system folk who are either lone wolves or act in concert against the current fronting group. This can include what people call internal persecutors, or people with whom you have broken trust and had a falling out or fight, but may also include folk who are simply stuck residents and don't know any better because they're stuck in PTSD.


These are the many faces of "protectors" who are going against the system grain, and create undesirable situations internally and externally. It seems like selves-harm, and it may be a side effect, but they've turned their protective role against the system in some way.

They may be sneaking, or angry, or meddlesome. They may argue and fight, deeply criticize others in the system, be overtly negative or pessimistic. They may hide or break things, be extremely defensive, cause self-harm, rage and rant, spew verbally violent attacks, or be internally or externally violent towards others.

Often they protect folk who hold deep shame, and may go on rampages when shamed folk get activated too much.

Due to these behaviors generally being "socially unacceptable", Rebels can attract a lot of negative attention in the system. And in a kind of catch-22 way, their negative behaviors can increase shame, sending a system into a crisis spiral.

However, just like everyone else in a DID system, Rebels are guardians and protectors, too. It takes a lot of compassion and patience and being genuinely interested in who they are and why they're so upset. Over time these folk can become co-conscious, present in the Here & Now, and take on new roles and turn their talents into something more beneficial for the system.

Once co-conscious, Rebels can turn their many talents towards a more positive light: for example internal prosecutors can play devil's advocate, look over ideas and point out the flaws so you can fix them, protect the system from gaslighting or sly and manipulative mental/emotional abusers by questioning everything and reality-testing. It's like having a critic in your head — if you can give them the jobs suitable for critics, it can be a very fruitful relationship. There are many more ideas in the conference presentation linked below.

To ease internal relations, take what Rebels say and do with a grain of salt. Ask them to chill out if they're being to assertive/aggressive. But they're there to protect you. If they say or do something you don't like, ask why — they often have a good reason. Perhaps there's some type of danger in your life that you're not paying attention to. Don't assume that there's no reason for their behavior. One example is keeping contact with former abusers. Of course that's going to upset our (in this case misguided) protectors.

Rebels may try to interfere with relationships (internal & external) because they are afraid there's a hidden agenda, and sometimes they're right. They're there to be a reality check, and extremely valuable.

When not co-conscious, some Rebels can show up as a self-critical train of thought, questioning everything you do, how you do it, why you're doing it, etc. They may spew self-critical and harmful "Self-Talk" at your system. Other types are more "physical" and may self-harm, or be violent within the inner world.

Please handle Rebels with the same compassion and patience you would a traumaholder.

"Buck of Crisses is an internal prosecutor/persecutor who became more critical and nasty in the face of having abusive parents with poor versions of their own reality. The need to question everything they said and defend from verbal, emotional, and mental abuse drove Buck to question everything said to us, and the need to draw as little attention/attacks as possible drove him to be hypercritical of our behavior, constantly questioning whether something we were doing would make us a target again — forcing him to front and try to protect us from another attack. In developing co-awareness, Buck is now employing these skills as a protector in our system. Kinda like our system has a lawyer." — The Crisses

Self-Help regarding System Rebels

There is content for the fronting group (or "Goodie Two-Shoes" as Buck of Crisses calls them) to learn how to deal with Rebels on their end (see System Trust Issues New or Stuck Residents aka stowaways, lost souls, non-coaware identities, emotional parts, etc. New), so this content is specifically for the system rebels to listen to for their own needs/use/consideration.

  • Welcome to DID: We Are Not Your Enemy (009) New - We won't talk about you behind your back: this is where we send almost all the "Goodie Two Shoes" to start out on straightening up their act. It takes 2 to tango, right? We suggest you start here so you understand what info they may have about you if they listened to it.
  • System Trust Issues: Compromising Trust (013) New - System Trust Capstone, Part 1: What is happening in your system that erodes trust and makes it so that it's impossible to even tread water? So we share this with the Goodie Two-Shoes eventually, you may want to realize that not only are they doing stuff that is breaking trust in your system — so are you.
  • "Recruits, Rebels & Adventurers: How to get on the same page and pitch in to have a better life together" (audio only in the video) - This is a conference presentation that Buck of Crisses did which is specifically for system rebels. The overall topic is how to apply your many talents to defending your system as a whole, rather than fighting with other internals.
  • System Trust Issues: Building Trust (014) New - System Trust Capstone, Part 2: Now that you've stopped the constant eroding your system trust, what can you do to proactively build it up? This is the final trust episode we share with the Goodie Two Shoes. For you, your trust building might be more along the lines of the conference session shared above — but maybe theres more you can do that you'll find in this podcast episode.

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