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Firstly, I would like to thank Dr. Patrick Michaud (PM) for the terrific PmWiki, which saved me the trouble of web programming some huge kluge of a thing for people to create a collaborative website.

The great majority of work on the site was done by the good graces of Erin of Crisses, and some recent additions and help from Ice and the twins Rane New and Hart. Contributions to the Otherkin FAQ and Multiple FAQ are listed in those respective documents. Tons of poetry we simply attribute to an --interesting-- life, a few pretty ok poets, and being anal retentive.

Special thanks goes to Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images, who happens to have coincidentally done, by happenstance alone, pictures which pass incredibly closely for many of the folks in my head. Entirely a coincidence. Still wondering how the heck she managed to name one Ember the Firesprite tho. :) Maybe I submitted the name for a "name this picture" contest and missed my winner notification due to an unfortunate email accident -- namely Flashmail getting buggy and my password to my account falling off the face of the planet....

Thanks also to Matt Wright - for his search function script which we used to use on our old server :) Thanks Matt!

This site was built and maintained on Macintoshes from day one, in 1996. I believe it's also always been Pagespinner as my main html editor program. Nowadays, PageSpinner add-ons such as SiteAssistant are a blessing to me, and I'm also using a bunch of other helper applications, which I'll credit if they do me any long-term good. Thanks to iCab for helping me in my updating my site to be HTML 4.0 compliant, and to BigBrother for nagging me when my links are substandard :) I'll be working on this stuff more regularly with any hope.

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