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4 year old girl. Now aged up to Faun New?
Distinguishing Traits
She doesn't always act 4, she says "I may be 4, but I've been 4 for a long time." Hed's twin sister. She's sweet, fairly innocent, one of the non-abused littles in our body.
Big dogs. Vanilla ice cream, licking the bowl, pumpkin pie, Sesame Street & the Muppet Show, etc.

Hed (left) and Hart (right)

Since starting her page, Hart has become fully co-conscious, run our life, run our business, dealt with clients, been seen in public (clothed in the Criss-mask), filled work orders, driven, etc.

There's always a possibility that Hart is yet another subsystem veil, but that remains to be seen. It's safe for her to stay at 4, even though we're quite certain that bad things were happening at that age (otherwise, she wouldn't need a twin brother, right?). Perhaps she stays 4 because something even worse happened when we were 5?

One odd physical trait is that Hart & Hed (now Buck New) can front at the same time and split our body. When we were a child, they used to do that especially in the car. When we would get yelled at, or just be sad and not want anyone to know, Hed would front on the side of our body facing our parents, and we'd stare out the window — Hart would cry out of our other eye on the other side of our face. We took a while to remember this, but it's apparent why they presented themselves as twins even though Hed has aged up several times, and Hart still "remains 4."

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