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Gaining Time: Developing a Mindfulness Practice (015)

What's the opposite of losing time? Does time really go faster as you get older, or are you simply allowing it to rush away from you?

Where anxiety is "What if…?" and depression is "If only…" it takes mindfulness to help pull us back into present time and reality. We can become more firmly anchored in the Here & Now, in our surroundings and in the reality of our current circumstances, rather than replaying the past or dreading the future.

This episode is for anyone who is not firmly anchored in the present, who watches time go by too quickly, who is uncomfortable in their body, and needs to get reacquainted with true present-tense reality.

Trigger warning: Definitely don't listen to this episode while driving. Once you are good at being mindful, you can do it whenever you'd like to — so long as you keep your open eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel.


The contents of this podcast are meant for informational purposes only. This podcast is meant only for adults, and listener discretion is strongly advised. By no means are the contents of this podcast series intended to diagnose any illness or replace the treatment or therapy of persons in need. Please seek professional assistance if you are in distress in any way.

Music and intro vocals by The Crisses, created in Garageband. All contents © Criss Ittermann. Permission to share. And share again.

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