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Note this is a somewhat abstract but important concept in terms of selves-help for systems, because it's the antidote to a common issue that can increase distress for plural & multiple systems.

What is the Here & Now?

The "Here & Now" is where our body is. Our body is neither past nor future, it simply exists.

Being in the Here & Now is what happens when all factors of our consciousness or awareness are connected to or alongside and paying attention to our body and its surroundings.

With plurality or multiplicity, various system members can be in the Here & Now to varying degrees. So some may be fully present, and others may be stuck in the There & Then.

How does this relate to Dissociation?

There's a whole section of Multiplicity: The Missing Manual dedicated to various aspects of dissociation New.

Dissociation is a medicalized term for being disconnected from various experiences, feelings, or processes. Literally "dis-association" or not associated.

There are many ways to be dissociated: you can dissociate body parts, your whole body, your feelings or emotions, your memories, etc.

So being in the Here & Now is akin to presence, which is roughly the opposite of being dissociated from where your body is.

Discussing dissociation from the perspective of the Here & Now vs. There & Then is demedicalizing it, and making it more subjective-experience based. Telling someone that they're dissociating can be less helpful than explaining that they may want to get more into the Here & Now.

Presence and the Here & Now

is the state of being in the present. It's mindfulness. It's the opposite in many ways to being dissociated. It's the connection and awareness of wherever your body is, and what's going on around it, at this present moment.

This is a useful concept both because there are often residents who are NOT in the "Here & Now" and there are sets of practices that can help foster a sense of connecting to or returning to "being in the Here & Now".

Building a sense of the Here & Now is vital to the practice of mindfulness meditation New and grounding techniques.

See also Gaining Time: Developing a Mindfulness Practice (015) New for a podcast episode on this topic.

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