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Young male, about 6-8 years old, human, dark hair and eyes, Italian descent.

Distinguishing Traits:

We started to notice when someone was eating 3 Milky Ways a day. Young class clown type in the making. Smart, generally good-hearted child.


Songs: Like most of the kids in our head, he has a liking for Muppets, but his favorites are from The Muppet Show.

So, there was a trail of Milky Way wrappers and no one really owning up to it, so we figured there was a kid. We wondered if it was Shane. But it didn't fit. Then we caught a glimpse of this boy, and remembered --

When we were about 6 years old, there was a kid we really liked in school. None of the boys really ever admitted to like us in front of classmates, any friendships we had with any of the boys in class took place after school hours, and Frank wouldn't spend any time with us.

So we took to an imaginary version of Frank, and talked to him every night for quite some time before bed. Only problem is that we spoke out loud for us, and for Frank. 27 years later, we find him in our head....doh! :) This is his webpage.

--Hey! Yeah, it's MY webpage...

But I need a page for my comix so: Frank's ComiXes

Chekumout. Ok?

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