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Not controlled by others or by outside forces; independant. independent in mind or judgement; self-directed.
the condition or quality of being autonomous (duh), self-governmnt, self-determination...

Mainly we use it as a way of defining boundaries. it's the cellular wall of our relationship/s. If I say I have an autonomy issue, it means that I feel like the barrier between the beings in a relationship of some sort has become so permeable that there is overlap/meshing between the parties involved...and that things are being approached from an undesirable oneness. In this particular case, unless we decide consciously that as a family-group we wish to take on additional lovers into the family-group, we'd probably rather not share the same lovers....the interconnections start hazing the barriers between the parties involved, the types of information people are privvy to, etc. Like if you and ben had another lover in common, and he desires a large amount of privacy from you, because of the chain running back to him through me, he probably couldn't trust (or expect, depending on disclosure agreements) that he'd get that privacy that he needs to retain his personal autonomy.

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