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Who's Who of The Crisses

how we think we got this way

Main Fronts of The Crisses New — a cheat-sheet approach

Headcounts (appx 157 total)

We count all mental entities of any sort, that affect mental functioning in some way. We do this quite on purpose, so here's something of a break-down but our understanding of various entities in our system changes frequently:

  • About 55 people
  • 22 (stand-alone, named) aspects, past life presentations, or archetypes
  • 2 named blends
  • 3 named masks
  • 1 known lost/stuck person not yet rescued
  • 20 subtle folk perceived as outside our body (protectors & Reiki guides)
  • 1 polyfragmented modular subsystem (unknown number of fragments that assemble into people-like constructs as needed)
  • 21 pocket dimensions or portal doors
  • 14 named and acknowledged appliances/functional fragments
  • 19 functional headspaces/places with mental significance

Headmaps New

Click on Headmaps New for older maps of The Crisses' system ? the one here is the latest, click for a larger version.

This is the map for our change from an apartment/house to a spaceship that we started in 2018-2019. Subsystems have their own specific quarters, which are often entrances to separate pocket-dimensions or at least are climate-controlled crafted environments from their own memories or pasts, except the area called the Creche which is all new buildings: the house, the nursery & the rec center (in progress as of August 2020). Another area added recently is called "The Engagement" which is an elder circle of sorts in our head. Maybe more about that eventually ? but essentially a skilled group who is making most of these changes with system-wide consent (such as creating the teen rec center).

Important System Components/Fragments


The people that may or may not reside in our head.

Lately we're working in an internal model of subgroups called "sub-systems" and the gatekeepers of those sub-systems: the people who filter and control the interactions that make it through to those subsystems. People marked with a trailing asterisk * answer to current roll-calls in our head as of the last time we remembered taking a roll call and updating this list. People with trailing pound # symbols have been confirmed to be available, if not always present, such as our Higher Self (Herself) and The Goddess.

Odd bits:

Top level of this outline are gatekeepers of those below them. See above for our latest gatekeeper map.



Non-Residents ("externals", "inobvious companions", "subtle people")

These are people who are like spiritual companions, guardian spirits, helper spirits, (neo)shamanic helper animals, etc. We percieve them as being outside of our head, but it's arguable whether they're internal or not. We might just project these entities/energies outwardly. They are, as a rule, most connected to Dreal.

Unknown Affiliation

We have no idea how to classify these people.

  • Sheena -- the name popped up and we wrote it down. No idea who she? is.

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