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Who's Who of The Crisses

how we think we got this way * LegoCrisses

Main Fronts of The Crisses New — a cheat-sheet approach

Headmaps New

Click on Headmaps New for older maps of The Crisses' system — the one here is the latest, click for a larger version.

Important System Components/Fragments included in our main headcount


The people that may or may not reside in our head.

Lately we're working in an internal model of subgroups called "sub-systems" and the gatekeepers of those sub-systems: the people who filter and control the interactions that make it through to those subsystems. People marked with a trailing asterisk * answer to current roll-calls in our head as of the last time we remembered taking a roll call and updating this list. People with trailing pound # symbols have been confirmed to be available, if not always present, such as our Higher Self (Herself) and The Goddess.

Odd bits:

Top level of this outline are gatekeepers of those below them. See above for our latest gatekeeper map.

Unknown Affiliation - We have no idea how to classify these people.

  • Sheena -- the name popped up and we wrote it down. No idea who she? is.

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