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Brief Bio

We were born in 1969 and raised in Brooklyn, NY. We FINALLY moved out of Brooklyn in 2004! (YAY!) -- we now live in Upstate New York and run a business as a life coach& & writer&. Hit a bit of a wall in 2016 and was homeless from the start of 2017 to March 1, 2020. Finally homed.

We "awoke" as Otherkin at 15, and it caused me all sorts of problems, including waking up as plural/multiple (DID) at 16 and a subsequent 9-month residency in a mental hospital on Long Island for a double suicide attempt (in which our boyfriend died, more about that in our autobiography because emotional labor). We first met our last partner, Chris, there. We were together for perhaps 2 months, before he was forced to leave the hospital, and we didn't see each other again for 17 years.

We married at 25 and gave birth to our first son. At 27, we separated, and now are divorced. At 28, we gave birth to our younger son. Our external kids are both amazing with good ethics and we couldn't be more proud.

In December, 2002, we got an email from Chris (above-mentioned), and we pretty much picked up our relationship again. We lived together for about 10 years and remained partners for another 9 years. We are now besties.

Right now we're recovering from homelessness, work on new and old traumas, while sharing our 37+ years of knowledge accumulated while adventuring as a multiple-at-large, out and unapologetic in many communities. We dedicate a lot of time to learning more about trauma work, thinking deep thoughts about shame and plural community self-work tools, coaching clients, and playing with Lego elements. The result is articles (and stuff on this site), videos, courses, books and various other projects.

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