Kinhost dot Org


  • - I'm a trained shamanic practitioner, life coach and Interfaith minister, this is my website for those services
  • - my web application development/administration, and graphic design business
  • - The Kinhost Wiki -- what you're reading this page in right now. Allows people to just walk in and start contributing, with a tiny learning curve but plenty of advanced features for the stalwart contributor. Awesome :) -- but I didn't write it. See "Contributions" for links to the source code project.
  • Our Wiki (Auto)Biography project - intended to be a group collaborative project where relatives and friends of ours can add their own input and perspective to events in our life. Hasn't been opened yet, so no one has contributed as yet.
  • - The Open Source Reiki project - non-traditional Reiki site
  • - an Otherkin Codex or something like that. I'm helping OKN work on it.
  • Kella Elvish dictionary - a linguistical project that Dreal and Star have been working on from time-to-time.
  • Mommy is Multiple - a book for 8-14 year olds about multiplicity


  • I have contributed misc plug-ins, documentation and bug reports to the PmWiki project that runs this site.

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