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Coaching by Crisses

We provide sliding-scale life coaching services for people with differences, especially people with dissociative identity (disorder).

Whether you're seeing a therapist or not, life coaching provides a forward-facing opportunity to address who you are today and what you'd like to become tomorrow without needing to dig through your past.

Life coaching is client-driven. If you want positive support, patience, understanding, and someone who will ask the right questions to hold your system accountable to its agreed-on goals, then we're here for you. Other multiples have enjoyed having someone they could be fully themselves with, without having to tiptoe around being multiple, and without feeling ashamed or apologetic for being who they are.

All multiple systems are different. We'll share our similarities and differences with you so that you can feel more understood, and less alone it the world.

You can find out more about our overall life coaching services at Liberated Life Coaching. Please contact us at our life coaching website to start a discussion about what you need to help your collective life move forward from here.

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