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Higher Self Family Reunion

Why we're like this... 3/30/01

In Brief: The current working theory on my residents is that somewhere down (up?) the road we're collectively from the same Higher Self.

I'm a walking talking breathing Higher Self family reunion! :) lol

This is just our latest in a series of theories, because our theories keep evolving over and over :) By no means am I trying to apply this theory to any other hosts or multiples than just myself. I am interested, however, in whether or not this fits for anyone other than me.

Take the concept of the Higher Self. It is a common thought in many spiritual communities that the individual has a link to another, more spiritually whole and wholesome, level of being. This portion of oneself is linked closely to the Divine, or the Source, the Creator, the collective consciousness, or universal consciousness or similar celestial energies. We are each an incarnated avatar of our respective Higher Selves.

The Higher Self is a celestial energetic force which has decided to resolve issues and achive experience and growth by incarnating in the material world. Each incarnation that it creates in the world becomes a "soul" with a consciousness and personality that the Higher Self uses as an interface into the physical body and thus into the material world, where it plays out a tug of war with karmic balance. Often one incarnation accumulates karma that the Higher Self resolves using a different incarnation.

The Higher Self is a presumably immortal energetic force. It's consciousness or thoughts are very different from our own, and it communicates with the incarnation through dreams, meditations, spiritual journeys, intuition. The higher self exists outside of linear time/space.

Because the Higher Self is not subject to linear time, all of it's numerous incarnations are technically simultaneous. The incarnations (or souls/minds/personalities) in and of themselves perceive time and space more linearly. There is sometimes a chain effect between lives for which the Higher Self has decided to retain portions of the soul, mind, or personality through multiple incarnations, and easily parallels "past life theory". The Higher Self has decided to keep a core tie between one incarnation and another incarnation which are probably working together to resolve certain issues, or balance karma the personalities/interfaces of those incarnations have accumulated.

So then there's how my head or resident situation ties into this.

I perceived at some point that almost all of us (in my head) were various incarnations of one another in my headspace from various timelines and somehow interconnected or tied to each other through reincarnation and split timelines. When i read about the theory of how the Higher Self has splinters which incarnate simultaneously in various realities/time/space/etc. to resolve issues, and applied it to myselves, I started looking at my own headspace in a new way.

We're all so interwoven and inter-evolved it's maddening from the perspective of linear time/space, but in the point of view of a Higher Self who may have decided that we all needed to be together in this body including our various memories...well then it just comes down to "What type of karma does this group have that warrants this?"

We have a great number of chains (strings of interrelated lifetimes) for which this body/life is one of the links in each respective chain. We maintain various personalities or interfaces through which our Higher Self can work out karma and any other interactions it feels are necessary for it to balance life or develop. The working theory on this, the jury is out, is that we are integrated into one being on a much higher level, while maintaining a purposeful differentiation on the material level when necessary. The "personalities" or people, individual memories and "past lives" still remain useful to deal with karma on behalf of our Higher Self and to guide the lifetime in the directions the Higher Self needs for it to go, and to develop the obsticles the Higher Self needs to overcome.

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