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The Multiple Mapping Project

Location, location, location!!

No one really knows how many multiples there are in the world, how they're distributed, or where they're concentrated. Many multiples, both in rural areas and in cities, have a hard time finding professionals who can help them in their area. It's not easy to have meet-ups, or know where the best locations are for multiple conferences. If we go on a tour or on the road, where should we stop? Nobody knows.

Please contribute to the Multiple Mapping Project and let people know approximately where you are. Please check the appropriate box for your relationship with Multiples (you are one, you're an ally or advocate, you are a professional…) and if you're a professional or community organizer, use the Description box to leave information about how you or your services/groups for multiples can be located.

  • Use the orange button to add your listing, or click this link to open in a new window
  • Enter your zip code, the name of the next town over, or if you're a professional with an office you may want to put your exact location
  • Enter your information — anonymous or system name (or your real name if you're comfortable with that or a professional/business), system information you want to share or business information for professionals, etc.
  • Click checkbox for your "categories" — as many as needed
  • Submit and please have patience. It doesn't email us when there's an entry and we approve postings by hand.

Postings are moderated. It works so you don't have to submit twice.

Add yourself to the map: or you can zoom in and out:

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