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I can't think of any kin type which is unsavory to me. But there is someone in my head, and I mentioned her kin type earlier today, who is embarassed to say what she thinks she is. She thinks she's a succubus, and she quite clearly can see her own true form in memories, but she doesn't want people to jump immediately to the conclusion that she's "the Quintessential Succubus" such as they're portrayed in mythology.

I've known insectoid kin--a few. I've known a kin of undescribable form who constantly shifts before your eyes, growing various appendages (tenticles, or what have you) one moment, shifting colors, having a head with one or more eyes one moment, and none whatsoever that you can discern the next. The people inside the various forms are still people, beautiful in their uniqueness and diversity, they still have feelings, they still love or have been loved, lost and suffer the pains of daily life, just like everyone else.

I see no personal shame in being whatever it is that you are. I think that the form we take is only one clue-in to what we've been through and what type of person that's shaped us to be. I've heard of dark elves and drow who were worried to admit to what they felt they were on a list of light elves and fae, afraid of the prejudice, afraid of the judgements. Vampires who didn't want to come out of the coffin (ahem) in the otherkin community because of their fear of being judged by the doings of others in their own community.

I've also seen the otherkin community at various moments doing the most beautious of things...opening its arms wide and spreading love and acceptance to all beings -- human, kin or otherwise -- irregardless of the labels we place on our feelings of being out of place, and the memories that just simply don't fit in current society- at-large. I've seen people who have experienced prejudice, from some smaller groups of kin, widely and openly accepted in the kin community we've created online here, and in the gathers and other events we hold offline.

I'd love to see that continue. Please always keep in mind that behind the kintype, there's a real person, who is unique amongst their kind, and give them each a fighting chance without passing a judgement on what they say they look like or are.

Also, keep in mind that one of the best ways to educate people who are wrong in their impressions of your kind -- or who are holding you to the stereotypes of "your kind" -- is to be the best you that you can be to represent your truest self.

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