Kinhost dot Org

Our Own Plural System

Tune: Elmo's In Your Imagination (Karaoke version)

[Dedicated to lost/stuck headmatesÖ]

Itís incredible where we can go in our own plural system.
Find headmates who hide, and build safe places to stay in there too
We can hang out and care for each other in our plural system
Thereís so many things that are inside waiting for you.

ó Whee!

Itís remarkable who we might find in our own plural system
Maybe children, playmates, protectors, or a baby baboon
Forgotten friends might emerge and engage you in deep conversation
While your earworm continues to play you a rock and roll tune

Itís really not fantasy,
A land of philosophy
Where the things that we do help us deal
When we look deep inside
Thereís a place we can find
Where meeting of minds are quite real

Itís astonishing what we can find in our own plural system ó
We can bump into walls, agree to change them, or ask them to move,
So our system is pleased to extend you this kind invitation
The inner world is a place that we already share with you.

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