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Tips & Tricks outline for the planner

Contents page

  • purposely ambiguous
  • note & index annual highlights or events + the page number or date
  • headmate &/or subsystem list


  • Binder tabs to mark the current month or week
  • Printables: bookmarks with projects
  • Create a bookmark with a planner key cheatsheet
  • add a ribbon bookmark to the planner


  • On daily pages, can highlight holidays, events, celebrations
    • Stamps, washi tape, stickers, art?
  • Cover - stickers, etc. cover marker with clear packing tape

Your own Quick Reference information:

  • write on or washi-tape into inside front/back covers
  • extra folded sheets tucked under a (hair/rubber) band - front/back hardcover only
  • sticky notes on the instruction pages you don't need anymore
  • Can use for cheatsheets, bus schedules, business hours, pricelists, headmap or headate list, habit trackers, bill tracking, etc.

Repeating Tasks - daily, weekly or monthly

  • repositionable page flags
  • sticky notes
  • bookmarks
  • i.e. laundry, assessment, shopping, bill pay reminders, medication reminders, etc.
  • can make a custom bookmark with a trimmed index card and clear tape or contact paper

Planner Set-Up Tasks

  • create a list to track what you do to set up your planner, add new things as you think of them, remove if you don't like or need them, and use the list to prepare next year's planner.

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