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Note this job fell through -- the respectable tech service became a sex chat service. I never worked for them, and never got a dime. This page is also otherwise out of date. For up-to-date technical info about me please see my business website Eclectic Tech, LLC

We provide phone support for people who have techie issues. Those of you here about our services, here's what you need to know that I know:

Mac OS X desktops and laptops.

Been running Apple computers for about 13 years, and started doing low-key Mac support back in 1991. It's gotten to the point that now I run a small Apple lab in my house (some of which are dual boot machines running both Linux and OS 9.2.2 or OS 10.3.3). More about linux type stuff below. I can help people perform administrative tasks on OS X; for example, I can help you set up an Apple desktop to be a web server. I can help you with tips and tricks or debugging for In a past life I was a desktop publisher, typesetter and something of a graphic designer, and I still know my way around a bunch of OS X applications (Microsoft Office X (Word & Excel), Illustrator, Photoshop. Quark XPress).

Web Admin & Design

I've been doing website design since 1996, and I'm good with hand-coded HTML, css, etc. More recently (about 3 years) I've taken to configuring Apache, coding PHP and using MySQL.


Ok; I'm not a linux guru, but I'm aspiring to become one. The bulk of my experience in linux is with Darwin GNU/Linux. I've compiled ppc kernels, I'm running my own webserver now, and I've installed several machines. I'm starting to train for an LPI certification, but that's going to take a while.


Along the way I've fallen in love with several programs; I use PageSpinner as my HTML coding package and also I've used it as my primary editor for PHP programming. I've used XCode for Applescript coding. I actually like Dia as a linux-based alternative to Visio. I use MacGPG(PGP) encryption with, and I am building familiarity with AppleScript.

And the not-so-techy --

I'm an herbalist. I give alternative sexuality education classes in my copious spare time (cough). I study psychology, especially multiplicity (DID). I am a non-traditional Reiki master/teacher.

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