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"The Crisses" Defined

I've finally found a variant on "Criss" as a nickname for those who normally might speak to me as individuals: Crisses, as a reminder to me, and others, that there are "Many Crisses in the 'Criss'".

The Crisses is our group name for the sum construct of personalities, realities, experiences, actions, reactions, ideologies and miscellaneous things which we do and say which could be attributed to no particular individual guest in this body, or must be defined as being caused by the group. In most cases, people in real life call me Criss or Crisses unless they don't know any better or don't know that a particular person is "out".

There's a few different ways I normally use "The Crisses" or just Crisses: 1) I have no idea who or what combinations of whos I am at that particular moment in time. 2) You have no clue about anyone in particular in here, so I use my generic name. 3) It's just easier, people get confused. Even us.

At this particular moment, "Criss" refers to a construct within our head, and is sometimes considered a "person" in here when we take headcounts, although at this time Criss is not technically a person and isn't generally shown on headmaps.

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