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3 Inches to the Left

This is a mindfulness & presence technique for people with chronic pain, chronic illness &/or somatic (body-based) trauma that may be triggered by traditional body-based presence/grounding techniques such as progressive relaxation.


For Folk with Chronic Pain Issues & Chronic Diseases

If doctors & therapists knew what we were going through, they'd likely say we should be getting proper pain treatment.

But there's significant stigma and, let's say' the realities of navigating pain management, health insurance, the trauma of medical neglect for years or even our whole life — it all may just be too much to ask for disabled folk to be able to fight for pain medication.

and dissociation may be our only way to manage unthinkable levels of pain. A doctor may see us "looking ok" and not realize we're dissociating from a 6-8 (of 10) pain level daily. They think we're faking and fishing for pain medications. So we need to manage our own pain because the therapist isn't talking to the doctor and vice versa to check in about what level of pain management is needed. It's too much work for people low on spoons.

For Folk with PTSD

When your body senses that you're back home in your body (and not otherwise "too busy" with survival tasks), it may send all PTSD "pending messages" for unprocessed somatic trauma (amongst other traumas) to the forefront, retraumatizing you.

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