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There are 3 or 4 angels in my entourage. I haven't really spoken to them yet, but I'm pretty sure they're in the Reiki Guide section. Reiki and celestial energies are very closely related, and there's a strong affinity with Reiki and angelic energies. In this case, the angels might serve a dual purpose and also be protective spirits, but my totemic guardian force seems to be more on guard duty than the angelics are. Since I haven't spoken to them yet (I've tried, they're just not talkative or I can't hear them yet), I'm not sure if they're under the service of any deific forces, such as YWHW, G-d, Kuan Yin (quite likely, as I have a nodding aquaintance with Herself as a Healer--she's the Lady of Mercy of Buddhist tradition and has another name in Japan but is fairly similar) or another. They emit the strong celestial and benign energies that I expect from angelics.

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<< Sprinkle | Who's Who | Elizabeth Freehafer Falk >>

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