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Warning -- this is a dump from an old Log file -- links may be broken. Very broken.

Past & Future Updates for Criss' Site

Upcoming Changes {see below}
Archived - First Year of Logged Changes (1999-2001)

Change Log:

(reverse order, latest updates listed first)


  • Moved another 2 years to the Archived Change Log -- now the archived changes covers from 1999-2001. I'm leaving the 2002 updates on this page for now.
  • Fixed the sidebar for the Who's Who & individual Crisses web pages.
  • Tweaked the Crisses Index page...this is the portal to my personal portion of the website, where my stories, poems, bio, etc. are. It needed to have a link to Rewind, and fixing the mention of some stuff....
  • Neither Rewind nor Elven Ensemble are "bonus for Updates Page reader's" anymore. Sorry. Limited time offer, I guess ;) -- they're somewhat broken, but I'll take comments because then maybe I'll figure out what's wrong and fix it. Elvair's part in Elven Ensemble could use some work -- we know. He's still suffering a good bit from PTSD and it's hard for him to write autobiographically.


  • Happy New Year!
  • There were a lot of broken links on the poetry index page; they're fixed now (YAY). If there's any more problems please let me know. Anchored links from the poetry index should take you to the individual poem on the alphabetized pages. I also updated the entire list so that the date and author should be properly listed and linked throughout the index. I'd done it at some point, but it got broken and lost in the shuffle somewhere. It's now done....should be good. :)
  • I'm fixing some of the formatting problems in the poetry section. Anchors were broken, so the links to specific poems were not working; that's been fixed now. I really want to get my unweildy poetry section up to snuff. Y'all have my apologies for this.
  • My side menu bar in some areas (especially the poem section) was broken too...seems that when I'm using tables to make my sidebar, when preformatted text is too long, instead of making it scroll-right, it's been squishing the table....that's just not right :) I am fixing it by breaking longer lines in the poems to the next line. My poems are preformatted text because with some of my poems it actually makes a difference how the letters are positioned relative to one another (such as A Beast of Night).
  • I am still alive, and well. I am enrolled in college and a great deal done with my bachelor's degree in psychology. Plan to do some interesting work in school, and post some of it to my site. Some of it is listed below (Rewind and Elven Ensemble), but some is just going to be academic in nature. Sorry :)
  • Ember has integrated with Aliessa. The page is staying up for posterity's sake though.
  • New kid alert! His name's Frank (6 years oldish).
  • Poem updates again....
  • To Kiss You written 5/3/01, Hold Me - 9/14/01 written by Telré on behalf of Taelee for her current husband. I can never define the terror it was to embrace you written 7/14/02 by Taelee (by the way: the relationship didn't break up after all). Devotion written 11/28/02 by Aliessa. Perhaps it is rare the gentler gods come rest their head on the lap of Gaia written on 12/3/02 by Aliessa. Arisen through the mists, a half a lifetime away written 12/23/02 by Aliessa, the poem that hearlded the integration between Ember and Aliessa mentioned above.
  • Updated the dates on the copyrights for all my pages :) now they have 2003 and 2002 copyrights.


  • I get no credit whatsoever for the updates on 8/31/02, because they were not properly posted to the updates page. My apologies. If you didn't see the updates done on 8/31/02, please see them as listed below!


  • At least I'm consistantly bad at updating my site we go, about 6 months later...
  • Individual page changes: Shane added (newly found), Hawthorn & Ice updated to reflect yet more changes/growing on their parts. Almerissa's page updated to reflect that she's back. Who's Who page updated to reflect these changes (as applicable). Need to do new headmaps, but that's another thing altogether, for another day.
  • Stories page now includes a link to Elven Ensemble. Anyone who doesn't know about Elven Ensemble, four people in my head with shared experiences got together and wrote up an interactive multi-thread story. Sorry if the navigation isn't fully intuitive. *shrugs* it's more than you had before. May work on it in the future, but it was a school project and I got an A in the class.... :P :)
  • While I'm on the subject of broken school projects, a little sneak preview bonus for people who read my updates page -- it's not linked anywhere else, but there's another project called Rewind which takes my bio and puts it into a new format, and adds in some things not included in my bio page (which some people noted got awkwardly long....this also divides it into more digestable lumps). Enjoy! I may link it in to the rest of the site eventually....


  • the Site Info page was updated a little, including the addition of hotlinks for the resources found in the site
  • some pages were moved to the Server-Side-Include style of the rest of the website, but no changes should be notable to the public, metatags were added to more pages for description, author, generator, and where appropriate there were keywords added so that large www search engines will hopefully better index my pages. Hopefully eventually all the pages (this site is LARGE) will be similarly updated.
  • That was a silly thing to do, because now I've found out that php and SSI are not compatable (at least not at my provider). :P Ok, well, I'm moving some pages to php. You'll start seeing links that end in .php instead of .html...that means they're being created via a script on the server, and will enable me to eventually include database information on pages. There's other ways to do it, this is the one I'm learning.
  • Otherkin Hostess: Multiple-Personality, Past Lives or Possession? was made a little more like an article, and updated...
  • Added in non-affiliation non-support of Amazon on the Reccomended Reading page as it's just there because it's a place that people can look at the book/item I'm talking about, see other people's opinions on it, perhaps read blurbs etc. By no means do I mean for folks to order from them, I don't get a cut, and I'm not affiliated or employed by them :)


  • Heidi "construct" has been added to the headmap.
  • added some books to the Reccomended Reading page so that I could link to them from my Bio.
  • Changed the quote on the index page.
  • There's a lot of things going on with Ice lately, and her page has some updates to reflect it.
  • New Taelee bio information.
  • New Crisses Bio information -- much *much* longer, much more up to date, much more detail! I suggest anyone interested in the person(s) who worked on this website to check it out.

Up & coming changes:

Reiki Annex:

  • the Reiki annex is at
  • create a reiki list webpage on site?
  • More reiki (& other) symbols {Reiki web annex} - for instance I have a bunch of Railenne's symbols that I need to digitize and add to the site
  • take out my full name from the site?


  • index.html:
    • rotate the quote on the front page on either a by-load or a daily basis? -- This feature is enabled on the index.php page, which I can't seem to get to be the front page for the site(?!) via 'redirect' in the .htaccess file.
  • recommended.htm:
    • make list of other recommended things, not only books. Recommend movies and tarot decks and stuff. Update all links to reflect page name change.
    • page with links to my favorite movies, etc. along with reviews and a method to my madness {will probably go onto the site}?
  • concern.htm:
    • you're not bitching enough, you're not linking enough...needs serious updating (or elimination).
  • cool.htm:
    • check links, update with new links, fix the title heirarchy and put in *h* tags. anchors! back to top, hr, etc.
  • Otherres.htm:
    • link in the info.
    • All my links should be checked for permission to list, as well as asking for permission to be listed in the documents, OR I should just limit many resources....and just point to
    • need to link in my own articles that are on other websites...where do I put this?
    • Need to put my mailing list links here.
    • update heirarchy of page, use header tags

tocpoems.htm & poetry "annex"

  • create a poetry database, and have lists and anchors generated by scripts...make it searchable, etc.
  • proper heirarchy structure
  • add more poems (of course!) my poetry dates back to 1981 or 1982, and by no means is everything on the site

whos who & individual page "annex"

  • acquire more pictures of individual "selves" to add to pages...
  • reflect anchors to each of an author's poems. (see also poetry section changes -- may use a database to generate poems by each author on the author's homepage)

mirror-storm& web annex? or it's own website annex

  • transcripts, observations and notes from the Loving Possibilities: The Prologue (TM) workshop/s should be added
  • interactive web teaching of Loving Possibilities(TM) ?

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