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The paths we choose are like a road. Driving is our responsibility in making choices.

On the road of life, there are passengers, and there are drivers.

If every person were like a car, then there are a lot of single-occupancy vehicles.

I'm a commuter bus. And we play "chinese fire-drill." A lot.

For most people, if you screw up while driving, there's only one person you're sure to take down with you. Yourself.

Me? I've got my whole family on this bus. It's a lot harder to steer a bus, maybe it doesn't go as fast, but we're all singing Yellow Submarine and having a rockin' good time on our journey. But whoever's driving has to have a sharp eye on the road. If they fuck up, they're taking the whole family down with them. When I'm busy driving, I can't always keep a good eye out for those frolicking on the bus. But you can bet a good number of the passengers are keeping an eye on the driver. After all, the people onboard are THEIR family, too.

So what is it REALLY like, though?

Well, the kids are singing songs in the back of the bus. Two different songs. Someone's occasionally trying to shove me out of the driver's seat to have their way with the bus, other people are dragging that person away and trying to figure out WHY they want the driver's seat. A great number of people are napping, some like Rip Van Winkle, and probably will be for a long time to come. Several sets of eyes stare at the mayhem widely, afraid to do -- or not do -- anything. Some people take turns and play nice. Occasionally one person's foot is on the gas, another's is on the brake, two people are steering and someone else is looking for road hazards -- and it works out harmoniously.

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