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Merging (was Integration)

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Note that this is a controversial topic in the multiple community. It is not an answer to abolish multiplicity from the planet, it is not for everyone, sometimes it is a phenomenon within a larger system, and for some systems it is a goal.

Merging occurs when 2 or more residents blend with each other and leave their separated identities behind.

Spontaneous merges can happen within systems. Usually a spontaneous blend occurs first, where 2 or more residents combine to create a new, unique, personality that consists of various traits from their combined identities. There is usually something "lost" as well, as there may be compromises on certain identity markers.

Terminology Controversy

Listen to Integration Is Not What Anyone Thinks (020) New for more on the controversy of using the word "Integration" regarding multiple systems.

Note that there is now too much ambiguity with the use of the word "integration" by professionals to mean "full final merge" versus "emotional or sensory integration" i.e. coawareness.

This has created a rift in communication for many people, as many people in the world and outdated psychoanalysts still use "integration" to mean full merge, while the official profession of psychology has generally moved away from (Freudian) psychoanalysis and uses the term to mean "sensory integration" if they're up-to-date.

Merging versus coawareness ("sensory integration") are widely divergent concepts and the terminology used in a therapeutic environment should be clearly stated, so this site is being updated to only use "merge" for the concept of making blends between residents permanent, and "full merge" or "full final merge" for complete interweaving of all residents in an attempt to have only one person remaining within the system in question.

When is merging desirable?

How do you merge?

What is required to merge?

Arguments with Full Final Merges

Why don't you integrate merge? Isn't that the mainstream way of dealing with multiple personalities?

Not all multiples consider their situation undesirable or to be of severity to necessitate psychological treatment. While it is acceptable in mainstream society to be one person per body, not all people are created as carbon copies of one another, nor is it necessarily desirable to move in that direction. Some multiples accept the way they are as a unique aspect of their being. As long as they are able to cope and function in society, remain law-abiding citizens, and bring home the bacon it becomes arguable whether it matters if they are one person in the body or many people in the body. If everyone were expected to be a multiple, it probably wouldn't be desirable for singlets to seek out random spirits to invite into their head. For many multiples, the people who share their headspace are family and friends, and have worked very hard on upkeeping their intrapersonal relationships. They have no desire to integrate merge with their friends and family, and love them the way they are. Some multiples couldn't even figure out who the person would be to integrate merge into.

-- XES

Some multiples consider attempting to integrate merge an act of murder/suicide, as in at least some cases, one of the people/personalities is subsumed by another. [Sounds cannibalistic. Eeeew. -- XES]

There are at a few examples where an integration a merge has occured and the whole is less than the sum of the parts. That's a legitimate fear.

-- MRW

See also Merging Loss (was Integration Loss) for when you lose a beloved headmate or friend/lover to merging.

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