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Integration Is Not What Anyone Thinks (020)

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If you have to ask what they mean, maybe they should use a different word?

Published February 21, 2018

Going over the whole lot of confusing words used between psychology and psychoanalysis and while they may think they have their terminology straight, it's quite likely that 2 professionals would use the I-word and not know what each other means exactly by it. If no one knows what anyone else means, then maybe we shouldn't use the damn word in the first place? Self-advocacy episode — just say "No" to using the word "integration."

Brief negligible spoiler with mistake about Heroes the TV series. Note to selves: fact check everything. We got a name wrong. It's not Tracy -- it's Gina.

Note: We are pro-empowerment. We are not anti-integration nor anti-merging nor anti-unification. When therapists start talking about integration at the first meeting with a new DID client, that's absurd. That makes us upset, and we get very passionate about this. Our "just say no" is not to the idea of unification, but to the word "integration" in itself, and its introduction too soon in the therapeutic process.

Trigger warning: Some people find the entire concept of anything using the I-word to be triggering, so obviously this episode wouldn't be for you if that's the case. As always, these episodes may not be appropriate while driving. Please mind your triggers, and put our podcasts on broadcast in your internal landscape so anyone who wants to can listen in.

Important update: about 1.25 years after this episode aired, Stronghold System put out an article that explains some of what had been happening both in the industry and the issues we were seeing in DID support groups that inspired this podcast. Please see their article (link below) and the SystemSpeak (Emma Sunshaw's) podcast reviewing their article for more information.


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United Front: Please Wipe Your Feet Before You Come In (019) New < Many Minds on the Issue - podcast > United Front: Serenity Two Ways (021) New

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