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Dissociative Identity Disorder Video

July 03, 2013

Many years ago, we made our own film of ourselves. We force-switched a few times. Mostly the video was for ourselves, not really for the public.

You can see 4 different people in the videos: Hart, Taelee, Aliessa and Dreal. It starts with Aliessa doing a test take, then goes through footage of others. We sliced out the bits of us meditating (to force-switch) because they could run as much as a couple minutes and were boring to watch.

What we like is to scrub the playhead across the footage and watch the different mannerisms, facial features & expressions, posture, etc. changing as we switched. It's a real eye-opener for us, because we don't (of course) see ourselves doing it in everyday life.

Part I

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My Multiplicity Video: Crisses part 1 of 2.
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We're very camera-shy, partly because some of our abuse was involving cameras (when we film ourselves we can "perform" just fine — the aftermath is not so good :( ). But we did manage to make this one film with the Criss-mask off. Hope you enjoy it!

Aliessa tests the camera, gives a super-brief explanation of the project and mentions that we're going to the store for more equipment. We went to sleep with everything set-up, and recorded early the next day (hence the clothes change).

Part II

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My Multiplicity Video: Crisses part 2 of 2.
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Somewhere in this video, Hart (now Faun New) fronts and talks directly to the Crisses about the point of the video, overall.

Please let us know what you think, and don't forget a thumbs-up if you like it!!

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Wow, this is really amazin'. I feel like I know ya's ... like we're all cousins from two different families. It was a little tricky watchin' the whole with Jackie, Walker, and Mark (I think, maybe Maggs?) jumpin' in front of me like overprotective babysitters regretting lettin' a kid watch a PG movie, but I liked what I saw. I feel like I kinda got to meetcha face to face ... although ya didn't meet me.

Umm ... I'd made a vid like a *long* time ago, but ya only see me (Heather Rose) in it. I know I ain't actin' nine in it, but there's times when I shift back a bit sometimes. Then again, maybe I'm tryin' to over think stuff. So, here's my vid. : )

Comment by Heather Rose on July 20, 2013, at 04:40 AM

Hi, Heather Rose (& co),

That's GREAT! Do you know how many times we/Crisses site ventriloquists & puppeteers as potential multis? Take Mr. Rodgers for example. He's not in the Land of Make Believe, he's the voice of all the critters & people there. And Mr. Rodgers' friends are the other live-people actors in the show -- if you watch Lady Aberlin interact with the puppets, she treats them like real people. I'm certain they're Mr. Rodgers' alters.

Shari Lewis is another. She talks to and argues with Lamb Chop in a way that really shows a divider in her head. I'm quite sure of it. That's what you're reminding me of in the video -- interacting with Beatrice.

My first boyfriend had a bunny stuffie he'd move around and "talk for". Again, same thing. That bunny had a personality of its own. His family treated it like it was a member of the family. It would often negotiate on behalf of my boyfriend, too.

Other famous "could-be multis" are Robin Williams and Jim Carrey. Watching Robin play a serious or deadly role is pretty scary -- but when he lets loose he can shift personality right on stage. I'm not sure it's (always) acting. And I heard a rumor that some of Jim's "personalities" are not allowed out at home...his wife banned them. I don't keep up on the lives of stars, so I don't know if it's true or even if he's still married ;)

Comment by Crisses on July 20, 2013, at 07:12 AM

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