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Dreal Magemaiden, also Driel Driv'aren at-Altwenya , aka Brenhani New Nighthope (Bren)

Dreal is feminine, Kella-elven but sometimes takes on her wolfform still, and is exceptionally old (having planewalked and shapeshifted for a few millenia before coming here). She is a Walk-In, having technically not died in her prior lifetime.
Distinguishing Traits
When Dreal is fronting, she can't admit to who she is. At best she can give hints. Dreal is a little damaged from past experiences. She is Sighted, i.e. she sees spirits and subtle bodies of people she interacts with. Dreal is skilled at psychic and spiritual surgery, and is our primary Reiki practitioner at Teacher/Master level. Dreal has the best track record for scanning people's signatures amongst those in here. Dreal is coy or shy, loving and giving, a definite family woman (c.f. Wolf totem), needs a great deal of nurturing to get over some of her past hurts.
Dreal loves to wear burgandy, likes using a headscarf (seen below) and wearing long dresses, enjoys Tarot readings especially in dealing with Daphne, is a terrific Reiki practitioner and loves cuddling.

Why Dreal Can't Say Her Name: Dreal was a refugee in a magical land, and deeply programmed herself to hide her identity in all ways for a time. This is baggage she still isn't over yet, even though she's not being hunted down anymore. This is the primary reason for her "shyness".

Dreal is one of Blethedar's elvish SoulSiblings, and she occupies this body as a free spirit. We believe she was channeled in by Ansa'Abram, and not as one of those taken on by Blethedar in her experiment. Her connection to this body was created by our contact with another human who has "guardian spirits", a couple of whom have connections with some of our pasts. She is also one of Blethedar's ancestral great-aunts (many generations removed). Normally shy, reclusive, observant, perhaps coy.

There were many thousands of years that Dreal calls the Time War years of which she has little memory. After she retired as a Time Warrior (with no paid benefits <winks>, and one does not leave that type of army without paying a price), Dreal ran to Kerri (maybe she sought out Warren so she would possibly be protected from Xaron! hrm, interesting thought), and decided to hide from (insert proper name of Xaron's current incarnation here) by shapeshifting into a wolf permanently. She then called herself Brenhani after she met Blethedar (who at the time was "Nightwind", and Bren was "Night (wind's) hope").

I am Dreal Magemaiden, I've had a particularly confusing life, most of which I really don't care to remember....but I still have some stuff written about the things I don't mind remembering below. You can also read about one of my incarnations, as Brenhani Nighthope, on Star's pages, in her story, A Problem with Callings...

I do a lot of stuff around here....I'm the resident "Seer", so I'm always checking things out for auras and bad vibes LOL...and I have a fairly good relationship with others in the body, and with lovers outside the body (one in particular, actually). I recently started seeing True-Forms, which is a very nifty trick for a girl on the go.

I grew up on a desert world, but I've been many places since then, and seen, and been, many things. I have yet to die, or to remember any past lives...I travelled a lot in this lifetime, and I was trained in shapeshifting, so I was able to change what I was often. Thus, in addition to being an elf, I remember shapeshifting into a wolf, but I'm sure I've been other things, it's just a matter of remembering all of them. Some of them probably surfaced as separate identities in this lifetime, such as Juliet, who is probably from one of my many travels.

Also working on a language project with Star, which is a Kella-elvish page.

Short Autobiography:

Someone asked after my experiences, now I forget who, and what exactly they asked, but I was wise enough to extract it and save it to disk on my computer. Now that I've stumbled on it, I figure I should share this synopsis...

In my first incarnation? Well....the semantics of it are kinda odd (Warren, you *must* finish dictating your autobiography lol)--but I was enraptured by the ad-belekim (Warren & X) because I was one of the only people who could *see* them...and having the sight I guess I was a little...distanced...from physical reality. My birth-sisters thought I was odd... I'd wander off alone and watch the Belekim and ad-Belekim play and frolic and skim over the sands, or go about whatever unimaginable errands they did...and I often watched Warren & X having "sex" or Joining - kinda like a mindmeld thing for them. I was somewhat jealous I guess, or envious rather: I wanted to do it too.

I befriended Warren & X. And one day, X and I discussed Joining, and I said how much I envied it. And X considered it and decided to Join with me, tho it didn't work quite the way he'd wanted it to...he just kinda melded into me and was...consumed? not devoured, but me.

The strangest part was that he went into that place that some elves keep locked away from others of their kind except when in the deepest of relationships with them...he was in my soul, in my Key or Soulname or whatever you want to call it...the core spark of my spirit.

Warren's side of the tale at this point is a horror story for him. He lost the sense of his sibling's existance...and Warren & X are, in many ways, each others' souls. It was extreme soulloss (see a link to our article on soulloss. His immediate reaction was one of panic (very little panics his race, so this was not a feeling he was trained to handle well). He went nuts looking for X, and confronted me about X's whereabouts (as I often dealt with X and Warren, and could SEE them)...and I had to admit that X was inside of me.

Warren was totally just don't want to see these guys mad....and that takes a LOT to accomplish anyway. X kinda reached an empathic tenticle out past me to Warren, and Warren instinctively lashed out and cut X off in anger....and I took damage, as did X...and Warren started doing the mental/telepathic equivalent of screaming at us and ripping us a new asshole. The physical results were a storm centered on Warren...lightnings and was pretty amazing, but mostly I saw and felt all this total insanity that Warren was dealing with, and in a final fit, Warren reached out around us and just *twisted* reality and sent us somewhere else....essentially we were exiled.

So X was in no good state of mind or emotions, and was still damaged (as was *I*) when we recovered enough to gain our feet and see where we were....and we had little choice but to support each other at that point.

X was seething and angry and more than a little hurt emotionally, and refused to go back...and I didn't know HOW to get back. And that started our pairing up and journeying around together, and all the weirdness that followed. I stuck around with X at first because he was still inside me for a while. Eventually he left my body and made? found? one for himself...and taught me shapeshifting and planewalking (think Chronicles of Amber--I only read one book more recently after having remembered these events, but it's very similar) and stuff...and we just incarnated and planewalked all over the place...I have no idea where we were going or why.

What little I do remember from that period is the type of things that give me waking nightmares and flashbacks. X must have lost a great portion of his sanity and I was stuck in a codependant catch-22 with this insane being. He used things, used people, used me even, and I don't have clear memories of much of it: I must have blocked it. One of the clearest memories I have were as Juliet, and that was remembered succinctly as an identity unto itself; I had no memory that the Captain was X, and that we'd come to that world together. Perhaps that was part and parcel with the game as it developed, or maybe it was later on, when I started to try to hide from him. Probably the latter. it would explain why my spurning his advances got me stranded on a deserted island, alone. And why I loved him in spite of it. Abused "wives" get that way. :(

I know that I'm at least partially responsible for those terrifying years. Despite not wanting to be stranded in many of those worlds, I spent many years allowing him to pressure me into unthinkable situations. When I finally decided I had had enough, I ran away from him and tried to hide from him, and failed. That's why I'm here, but that's part of the story A Problem with Callings by Star.

With all this information, the stories below should make some additional sense. I hope.

These are parts of my autobiography. Be aware that the chapters might be confusing, and since I don't want you to be confused, I would like to know what you are confused about if you read this, so I can edit the text as necessary for clarity.
Ch 1-- The Time Being
An explanation of my upbringing and my early life, including how I became exiled from my home world.
Ch 2-- The Time Warriors
The beginning of my adventures in other worlds. (unfinished)

The more response and queries into our stories we get, the more likely we'll be inspired to (remember our pasts and) finish them. Please be patient, we have difficulty typing a lot (and we have a life). If you would like to be notified when stories are updated, please send us your email address and a short note.

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