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Taelee Birchbough (rarely, "Tae")


Female elvish, from a world which had "Firstblood." Slender with black shoulder-length hair.

Distinguishing Traits:

slender gymnast form, bobbed hair somewhat unevenly chopped, hard-eyed, wary. Elvish shapeshifter, generally seen in the jungle/forest treetops stalking about, fierce eyed, reasonable with a weapon, but generally fights with her bare hands or in pantherform. bitchy, tough, quiet and watchful, wary...see personality tough cookie. standoffish, feral. normally moody, volitile, impatient, passionate, and fierce in both her loves and hates. She occasionally has fits of contemplativeness and daydreaming or singing.


Professional image (right) courtesy of & © Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information. Provided by Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images website (from artwork entitled The Paths of Autumn. Used with permission. Resemblance to persons in my head is an accident of coincidence, it was not commissioned, it was stumbled upon.

Songs: Golden Eyes by Julia Ecklar ("Her gold flanks heaving in distress, half woman and half leopardess, from side to side, nowhere to hide, it's time to fight or die..."). Hunting Girl by Jethro Tull ("One should be warned about this highborn hunting girl, she took the simple man's downfall in hand..."). Closer by Nine Inch Nails ("I want to fuck you like an animal..."). Twa Corbies (lyrics & translation can be seen at -- partially likes it because of the sheer gall of the song, the birds involved, and the fact that it's more in an accent she finds "natural")

Elvish warrior-huntress who soul-bonded (via "First Blood") with a black panther in her jungle-like world. Shortly thereafter she met with Firebow, who was re-discovered in this lifetime in another human host. She may soon be returning into my subconscious mind for a vacation & trip "elsewhere" (she calls it the "Jungle" -- it's her tropical version of the Happy Hunting Grounds, lol).

Biography of Taelee: Where the Shadows Lie

By Aliessa, Heidi, some Taelee (when we weren't having to sit on her lest she delete the entire thing)...maybe others. Credit to Erin for sitting on Taelee so we could do this.

Taelee. Well, she's been something of a shadow in our head for quite some time, which is partly where the subtitle comes from. From the day of her first appearance on June 13, 1987 to date, she has been elusive and feral, not often showing her face in Front, but when she does she's always followed house rules even when doing so stretched the limits of her temper and often, when her temper breaks, taking off from time in the body and going elsewheres for long periods of time.

What spurred her coming out from the Back (where many more beings probably lay) is meeting Firebow. Him climbing a tree triggered Taelee and her memories of him, she suddenly appeared in our head saying "I *know* him." and we gave way to a force of nature that we didn't quite yet comprehend, along with Shadestalker, her totemic pantheress companion. She is very feral, which is to say fey and wild like an animal almost always feeling cornered. She has her moments of being cognizant of her surroundings the way "higher beings" are, but always keeps her autonomy/freedom wrapped around her like a cloak, and often simply rejects the "higher being" thought paradigm on purpose, outright, like it is something distasteful to her.

Regardless, she understands the mental community we have and will sooner take time out from the bodylife to regain her composure than risk our arrangements and internal agreements. She has a place that she goes to, we're not quite sure how, which she calls "Gone Hunting..." lol....or gone to the Jungles. And she's been there and back quite frequently. Perhaps it's just an internal landscape, or perhaps she's really out of body. Recent experiences imply the latter, strongly.

Firebow has been an irregular infrequent presence in our lives since that day. Much of the interactions since then were Firebow & Star, as she and Firebow are siblings. Taelee has made other cameo appearances in other relationships and has had some affairs with other beings, with a panther in one host, with gryphon aspect of another lover...and even once with Elric of Melnibone who was being hosted (well, any being that's fierce enough to give her a run for her money will probably catch her interest at least briefly). When between sordid sadomasochistic affairs, Taelee either curls up in the back of our head catnapping or runs off to the Jungles.

There's a new man(?) in Taelee's life. Well, a new panther anyway. This body became physically involved with a host-multiple, and a month later Aliessa played matchmaker between Taelee and the vampiric vampire in our partner's system. Aliessa's only actual encounter with the vampire was having him feed from her (psi vamping). She caught herself saying "next time maybe you should feed from the back of my shoulder...." when the inspiration hit her: If he bit her on the back of the shoulder to feed, it was quite likely that Taelee would be triggered automatically...and why the hell not? It's not like Tae gets laid often enough. Talking about that possibility spurred the panther-vamp's interest, and the rest is a somewhat interesting if painful history at this point.

As implied above, he's also a tad *koff* on the sadomasochistic side, which is all to Tae's liking. Panther sex vs. panthers trying to kill each other...who can tell the difference? Somehow he brings out some of Taelee's playful side, which for her is more like a hunting cat toying with a half-dead mouse. He's apparently loving every moment of it, and she really likes him [the reason she's not writing this update is because there's no way in hell she'd admit to any softer emotions about him...she's allowing us to write this because we've sat on her and because to NOT allow it, and to lie about it, would violate our body agreements, but she's very bristly about this whole mess (thus the "lie" play-on-words of the subtitle...she can lie to herself all she wants *winks* )].

At this moment, they've been spending a lot of time out of body together in the Jungles, where apparantly Taelee has shared her refuge. They have Shadestalker there with them along with at least one panther-Totem guardian spirit named Midnight. The respective "kitty honeymoon" as we affectionally call it has saved both physically involved bodies a lot of damage (LOL)...and when they come to earthside and share affections, most of us get out of the way. It's very sweet. :)

In spite of all the galavanting out-of-body going on lately, Taelee is one of the people in here regularly available at the time of this writing, to be called on anytime someone wants to talk to her.

Updated 8/6/03:

Still here, still a bitch, got a new boyfriend. Unfortunately for my husband, I still have him, too. I don't get lost easily. Heh.

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