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Bob (we named him that, it's not really his name :) )


Some type of alien that looks like a stereotypical bug-eyed humanoid thing, seems people call they Greys.

Distinguishing Traits:


Other species.

I'd like to introduce you to Bob. He was the first of my Reiki guides to make himself known to me. Yeah, he looks like a Grey. Maybe he is a Grey. I don't know much about Greys, except that when I described Bob to some people they said "Oh, he's a Grey!" -- um, ok, maybe he's a Grey. :)

Bob, because I've never actually seen him *use* Reiki, is an amusing exception to the rule on most Reiki Guides. Like me, Bob seems to be mainly a Reiki Theorist, and he works with me and my other Reiki Guides in exploring and bending the limits of our non-Traditional Reiki practice. Bob spent a lot of time with Eyovah after he died, but before he passed on, and Eyovah passed much of his teachings on to Bob so that he could pass them on to me, or others, later on.

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