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Not very long after I achieved training in Reiki II, my Sight got somewhat better (although it's more like my Feel got better ;) ) and I noticed the Reiki Guides around me. Some of them were distinct enough to be seen, and I actually drew pictures of them (coming shortly). I was also able to communicate with some of them well enough to get their names..

Reiki Guides are an official Reiki II Traditional phenomona. Invisible helper spirits come along and help you do your Reiki after you've achieved the 2nd degree of training. It's actually neat. I was looking forward to it, but didn't really expect to be able to "see" my guides. And considering I already had several invisible helper spirits outside my body, having a few more didn't seem like a huge deal. But this was a distinct experience of growth for me, because my Sight improved with my Reiki II training, so I was actually able to see or sense the spirits. Talk to them, get answers, and the like.

My Reiki Guides are completely separate from my totemic helper and guardian spirits in their attitudes, purposes and energies. These are people, whether deceased aka ghosts or simply beings which knew no other existance than that of spirit world beings, who have dedicated their time and energy to helping people learn, fine-tune, and explore Reiki energies. They help out when you're working with Reiki, correct you when you're getting something wrong, point out when there's a better way of doing something, join you when you do healings such that you can do a group healing when you're "alone".

As a general rule, Reiki Guides were once Reiki Masters (or still are) and practitioners themselves. They will heal you when you ask them to, and can travel to other places when you need to do distance healing, and help to give you a link to the other end of the healing work.

At various times entities of my Reiki Guide contingent are absent for whatever reasons, such as Bob's flight with our Reiki Master Eyovah after he died, the Monk Twins' working at various hospitals, or Sprinkle wandering off chasing dandelion parachutes or whatever it is she does in her spare time :)

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