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Shawn (was once called "Shane" instead of "shame", name changed 12/18/2018), one of The Christinas


Female, presumably human, between 4-7 years old. Strawberry blonde hair, eyes are blue or green and shift color.

Distinguishing Traits:

Shawn used to live in a box in the back of our head. Small, she was very nervous and uncommunicative child, hiding in a very dark corner of our mind, surrounded (protected? walled off?) by shadows and dark stuffies. Quiet and timid.


She has a Thumper (from Bambi) stuffie. We found the same type of one we had as a kid on eBay and got it for her for a holiday gift.

Shawn was discovered by Isabeau New. Isabeau New caught sight of her, but she wouldn't show herself to anyone but Isabeau, or communicate with anyone but Isabeau, and even then her communication was very fragile and difficult to hear.

After the Hell Mission, Shawn got more communicative, asking for her stuffies, and trying to communicate with us more.

Shawn is interested in being helpful, and recently had a load lifted off of her in therapy, so hopefully things will improve for her. When last seen, she was still 4 or 5.

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