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Tags or SRTS pronounced "Sorts"

SRTS - Spacial Relations Tagging System.

An interface between our Logbook and the physical world around us, most especially vital items to remember.

We spin up Tags as-needed, they take up some mental processing power, and they're a connection between short-term memory and the external world. So we consider them both mental and spiritual. All "things" have spirit. If you think in links/bonds/cords, we create a temporary link from our Logbook to the spirit of an external world inanimate object.

In practice, this is like creating mental/spiritual RF-chip "tiles" on the fly. We use them to keep tabs on objects, animals, and people in the wild, or when an important object has been moved from where it belongs.

One way to look at it is that we're adding temporary PostIt tab reminders to our Logbook to flag where our keys are, or even to remember that our baby is in the car. Once they're "back where they belong" we remove the tag from our logbook.

How do we use these fragments?

Here's some real-life examples of how Tags helps us:

  • When driving, we toss out Tags on vehicles around our car and keep tabs on their whereabouts not only visually, but spiritually as well (because we only have one pair of eyes, but we can spin out dozens of Tags).
  • We used to practice walking with our eyes closed when we were young. This is probably when we developed Tags. We would create Tags for lamp posts, cracks in the sidewalk, front yard gates, fire pumps, cars, etc. while walking with our eyes closed so we could judge how far we had walked with our eyes closed and whether we got off-course. We use this skill now to supplement good night vision to navigate in the dark as well.
  • We once lost our wallet with $10 and an important photo in it. Now we return important items to the pocket or purse section where we got it, and keep a Tag on things like keys, credit cards, wallet, ID, etc. when they're removed from their normal place.
  • Tagging spacial relations "to-do" lists such as needing to sweep or wipe down countertops/tables while we're at dogsits, where we took an item from so we can put it back, etc.

The spiritual aspects of this may seem far-fetched, but at the least it creates a temporary PostIt in our Logbook so we know things have been moved ("We put the keys on the table."), or that things (like cars while we're driving) exist and it assists us, for example, when avoiding hazards on the road ("We need to dodge…" "Wait, there was a car coming up on our left, better dodge right.").

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