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Triggonden, Fate (first timer: Xaron, Xandor, etc.), brother of Accus New

Skeletal hooded figure, heavily cloaked, captain of a vessel on the Sea of Souls
Distinguishing Traits
Perceived as outside our body, this is a deity that several Crisses either worship or have a relationship with.

Before anyone links this to the BBC TV show by the name of "Sea of Souls" or the Persona series1, we have been writing about this since 1986, this has a more direct connection to Moorcock's Elric & Eternal Champion sagas2 which we refused to read for at least 10 years after this stuff came to us to make sure we had our own beliefs about it uninfluenced by the writings.

In a place we reach by astral projection there is a vast Sea (the Sea of Souls, a representation of the Collective Consciousness, the pool from which people are incarnated) there is the Ship of Fate. There are 2 residents on the ship, Accus (per Murphy's law) and Triggonden (Fate). For many reasons which go into various of our Walk-Ins past life memories, they have direct personal relationships with one or both of these sailors, and either cordial through guarded friendships or respectful worship with these figures from whom some get gifts and personal advise.

They are deeply tied to many of our religious beliefs, which involves the concept of Second Timers, folk who skip over the Universe's collapse and are reincarnated when the Universe is reborn. This creates alternate universes in a spiral that are tightly coiled such that some folk can see across iterations of the Universe into the Multiverse and alternate timelines/dimensions. Anyway, it's complicated, which is why we don't discuss our interwebs of religious/spiritual beliefs. We will publish back-stories and past life info one day, much of our histories are written up to some extent or other and we will compile it all into a huge book one day.

Dreal (& "MageMaiden"), Star& (especially Crimishia & Nightwind), Elvair, Juliet, Warren all have relationships with Accus and Triggonden of some type.

Both Accus and Triggonden have the ability to see across timelines because as Second Timers and having created the universe when they were First Timers, they have a unique perspective of time & what has/will happen(ed).

They only have limited ability to affect the timeline, give advice, or disclose information. Basically, free will does exist, but interference when looking over vast amounts of time can have an even more extreme ripple effect than you see in TV & movies. We aren't only talking about the effect on one planet or timeline, but through all of time, ever, everywhere.

The Sea of Fate is an unpleasant place overall. We always experience it as a swimming mass of tormented soulstuff. The consciousness in the Sea is connected to incarnations, going through all that life offers people. The Sea is where people are all connected, beyond even "Higher Selves" where all sentience exists. Perhaps people in pain are louder than those that are happy. They don't realize that everything is connected, they are locked into their perception that all that exists is their lonely painful "earthy" (wherever they happen to be incarnated) existence. The vast majority of incarnated soulstuff is unaware of the potential of universal connection, love and consciousness.

Being on the ship, you can hear the wailing, moaning, and cries of the lonely, pained, dying. It becomes something like a pervasive song of suffering. You can look out and plainly and blatantly see them all connected to each other while listening to their suffering becoming songs of separation.

It's possible that this helps fuel Star&'s sense of urgency and need to help people heal as she is particularly affected by this, and is in a position of worship and reverence in this situation.

If this sounds something like Christian Hell, keep in mind that these soul's suffering is being alive, not a torment for the sins of the living experienced after death. They are suffering because that's life. Pleasure, joy, excitement also exists out there, but it's generally drowned out by need and suffering and pain.

In the distance there are rivers and streams flowing into the Sea, the return of soulstuff to the collective — basically if you consider Reiki, everything comes from the collective energy of the multiverse, and returns to it.


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