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  • It's been a while since there's been any updates, so I remind people on my opening page that repeat customers should come here, to this page, for a current listing of what's been changed.
  • I never got a chance to totally update things, so no one knows that Torry went away for a while and she is back. LOL So, her page is still pretty much up to date regardless, and there's no changes to it and no particularly good reason to mention anything.
  • Hawthorn, Eve and Ice have semi-merged into Heidi. There are now updates on all of these pages to reflect some of the last 6 months' intense work on them as individuals and as a group. The Who's Who index is updated to reflect this addition, as well as adding Midnight and Daphne to the spirit helpers section of the page.
  • Updated reading list to cover some of the great books I've been reading. Warning, however, they've all been rather adult in topic/scope. :)
  • Aliessa now has another aspect.
  • New favorite songs (inspired by our growing MP3 collection): Aliessa, Moonlite, Taelee.
  • New poems: Challenge, I am Blessed, Nature, Peace of Trust, Riding Hard, Still, Unobtrusive, You
  • Two stories written by Aliessa have been added to the site with the relevant link from Taelee's page to one of them. Sorry, but I won't be linking directly to those stories from here, because they're sexually explicit. Please only follow the links if you're over 18. Gracia.


  • New Self-Maps, slightly different configuration, the only real change is that tSO is now Hawthorn.
  • The results of much self-work is that Hawthorn (formerly tSO) is now co-aware. She chose a new name with help from a friend, and so we have gone through almost all the pertinent pages on the website and changed all occurances of 'tSO' and the tso.html page to 'Hawthorn' and the new Hawthorn Home Page.
  • Fixed the 404.html page to have correct links on it regardless of which page calls it. :P
  • properly updated the site map. (removed some files that weren't supposed to be on the site....and then re-ran the script)


  • Whopping update on my headstate on my Whos Who page (see the area labeled with "blah blah...3/30/01" :) easy, huh?)


  • This log is truncated at Sept 2000, there's now a old log archive. Was getting too long.
  • Tons of CGI and SSI treats: a sitemap, breadcrumbs at the top of each page, counters at the bottoms, guestbook (and ability to add to the guestbook), new yet-still-familiar look with different colors and sidebar is wider and hopefully more useful in content while being far more streamlined, a top-of-the-page text navbar (still keeping the site very streamlined with mainly text and less graphics! That's a CrissSite trademark (although my friends complain)! lol) to help locate the site resources, and so on.
  • Slightly different text on the homepage, now that it's not a sitemap anymore.
  • All the email list homepages have been moved to their own subfolder, and have their own separate index page.


  • PAYDIRT!! (lol) We have counters. When I upload newly updated pages, they'll each have a counter on them, except for ones I'm attempting to make site-independant (i.e. the FAQs). I added counters to the root index and to the Otherkin Resources index.


  • Note for overall site-consistancy, we dropped the black background, different colors and graphic on the site map. Didn't fit everything else
  • A gatherings page was added for live-online stuff, and announcing personal minimeets and gathers, etc. The individual LiveOnline pages aren't in the sidebar, they'll be linked-to from the gathers page, as I expect them to change and I don't want to upload the entire site that often.
  • New sidebar colors, reflecting the new file directory structure. Each file directory has it's own sidebar, which is now more contextual: if you're in my bio area, you'll get stuff in the sidebar that has to do with being in my bio area, and less on the otherkin resources, and vice-versa.
  • New pages were added to the appropriate sidebars. TriStateKin page, Multiple FAQ Alpha (it's not done, no where near done, but people may want to see it and give input), Otherkin FAQ (almost done), I'd Rather Gather, Stories directory index page, Otherkin Resources Index, Crisses Personal Index.
  • There's gonna be an article on Otherkin in the Village Voice, and perforce, I've scrubbed my legal name from the website. The Crisses is now my aka and now denotes copyright to ME. Still the same ME, still the same copyrights, just a different name. *sighs* I'm out, really really out, but I like to look the person in the eye when I tell them what I am :P
  • All of the index pages (in all the folders) have been tweaked and updated to show what is contained in those areas.
  • Added a few links to the Otherkin Resources page. Corrected a few too. Minor (very) tweak on the Cool Links page.
  • Some tweaks on the Bio page, such as taking names out. Correcting the number of lovers I currently have. Etc.
  • There are probably changes between the 29th and the 7th I'm missing...


  • There's a rough draft of a synopsis of Loving Possibilities at the Mirror-Storm& end of the site.
  • Dreal, Erin, Reiki Guides pages have new text and new artwork. Yay! :) More art! :) In a few minutes I'll add in a sketched portrait of Star's deity Fate on her page.
  • There's a real index.html file at the /res directory now: an Otherkin Resources Index for this website. All the offsite links are on the OtherkinResources page.
  • Yay! Finally weeded through and neatened up the Cool Links page now OtherkinResources and Cool Links all work. For 5 minutes perhaps. I hate the web ;)


  • Found and finally uploaded changes to OtherkinResources page, which was in desperate need of updating. Also there was a link to a porn picture on that page (no one told me! it was there for a long time! honest!) so that's gone. All you naughty people! *tsk tsk* I could get in a lot of trouble for that (serves me right for having left raw bookmarks out for the world to see!--it was only there for the articles, honest!)
  • New Directory Structure is uploaded, but there's still yet more changes for me to make *pant, pant* before I will be finished with this revision. There's a page for the TriStateOtherkinList now, and it's linked from some pages properly, but it really needs to be added to the sidebar, as do some new index files for the new subfolders, and the new Reiki Guide page. I may have forgotten some of the updates somewhere in between: I'm doing so much work I can't keep up with it.
  • There's a new look to the opening site map. Check it out! :) Please give me feedback on the new look and stylesheet and colors and stuff, I need to know if it's blinding to someone who hasn't been staring at it for 10 hours :)
  • overall site consistancy will be going up steadily. Some minor things were made more consistant in the latest changes, but a few things suffered. For example, I have yet to change the backgrounds and color schemes to match the new directory structure. That's another big change that will be upcoming. If people like the new front page, I may shift the color schemes and picture files in all the directories to something a little more pretty. People with style sheets disabled should still get an overall consistant site, but they may have to force the background color of my page to do so.


  • New list to add to the growing number of otherkin lists: TriStateOtherkin List. Now I just need to make a webpage. :P
  • First public posting of the newly revised FAQ, but there's still time for more questions and answers. It will be moving to the new directory structure soon, which will mean I'll have to update the links in this update page :P :). More work.
  • The old FAQ has been kept online as an archive.


  • Ok, here's the scoop: I've decided to rename all the documents with .html extensions. this prompted me putting in a 404.html document which means that whenever a file isn't found, someone will get a nice crisses-site page saying "oops, you've lost your way..." and links to pages that aren't moving: updates.html and index.html (site map). that means now it's safe for me to delete the pesky .htm files...good luck folks!
  • worse yet, I'm gonna be a pain in everyone's ass and *gasp* redo my directory structure. I've done it before, here I go again! Looking at another file heirarchy scheme for a number of the files. Some will be in the familiar places. Wish me luck :)


  • My site is getting closer and closer to html 4.1 transitional compliance, and possible XML compliance. If I take the leap off the deep end into XML, people will need the newer browsers to read my site. So far, Netscape6 is the only supposedly fully XML compliant browser I know of. This is of course a problem. :) (I didn't know that Netscape6 was XML compliant til yesterday, sorry :) that'll teach *ME*. I found that out because I bothered to buy a XML manual today (Yeah Peachpit Press! more than happy to support y'all!))
  • making my site more xml compliant makes it less iCab compliant. Sorry, iCab, can't make you happy anymore. I will have to run it through Bobby again after all these updates.
  • Updating my sidebar to be more readable and consistant (to an extent) on the newer browsers, fixing more html code, and so on. It never ends. My site is just too big ;)


  • The site is now Bobby Approved :) -- Bobby is an html validator which checks the site for accessability for persons with disabilities. My site is audibly readable by browsers, and so on. Yay! :) This has always been one of my many long-term goals for my site, to maintain the fast loading speed (which is why I don't have loads of graphics) and to maintain readability on my site. A few tweaks, and now my site is approved for persons with disabilities. :) I'm sure my smily faces are not, I'll probably get a graphic for them eventually with "Smile" in the alt field.
  • Site Info page is updated to reflect my new accessability status.


  • Fixed some inaccuracies on the mourning page...the order was off, and there was a new person to add to it. :/ 3 deaths last year...
  • Updated the Site Info page to reflect the software and platform I use to keep the site going...if you care ;)
  • Updated my software versions and now I'm updating my site to be HTML 4.1 compliant, adding in css (Cascading Style Sheets, if you're not a geek, you won't know what I'm talking about :) lol it's HTML styling language...don't worry yourself about it.). The cosmetic differences will be minor, and actual text changes will be noted in this log. However, it may mean some loss of style in older browsers--sorry folks--however, newer browsers will have less problems with my website, and hopefully eventually get their respective acts together to produce somewhat uniform results regardless of program being used. Yeah, right, and good luck! :) Eventually this move will mean I can move to xml with less of a problem. Some millenia from now when browsers actually support it.* (see note on 1/18--oops)


  • I have a search engine up...*phew*! Still having problems with page counters, guestbook, etc. but I'm working on it, honest!
  • adding pages for the online 'gatherings', such as a Q&A session for newbies in AIM chat, and finally getting to work on revising that FAQ as a collaborative project!
  • my email signatures are changed to reflect the new email addresses at the new site work...and so on. I'm exhausted :)


  • registered my own domain ( and moved my website to it's own niche on the web. All future moves will be invisible to site users. My deepest, sincerest apologies to Jasina (owner of for registering a domain name up her butt, it was unintentional, I didn't check the other uses of "kinhost" on the web when someone suggested that name to me :P duh.
  • altered the site to reflect the switch, starting to update the pages to reflect server-side changes (guestbook, search feature, counters, etc.) and the fact that my files on my home computer are mixed up (thus some images will be missing til I get a chance to proof all 85 pages!).
  • Will probably change over my email signatures to reflect the site change later today or maybe tomorrow, will make list announcements, and all that rot, really soon, honest....!


  • added a couple additional warning labels to my list of crissisms
  • updated all instances (I hope) of Telré to be spelled properly...except file names :)
  • updated all poems to properly reflect authors (ie: "Christina" became Eve, tSO, Willow, Chrissy and we fixed it :) )
  • Moved a whole lot of links from my bookmarks to the Otherkin Resources page...
  • Just noticed this page is over a year Probably one of my more consistant diaries ;) Frankly, I'm rather depressed, and this is a sad attempt to keep my myriad minds off things, but it just isn't working very well...but it makes me industrious, right?
  • Cleaning up the Site Map and made more consistant! changed blinking important, removed dysfunctional Otherkin web ring links, removed funky site graphics there, except hit counters
  • missing reiki annex added to the sidebars
  • changed blinking important on email.htm
  • created a site info page...relocating some of the sloppy stuff at the bottom of the site map there.
  • prepping to add more recomendations to my "books.htm" page, which is about to become simply "recommended.htm" and to include mixed-media, and eventually have all relevant links updated to reflect the page name change..
  • Doing a massive style revamp & survey of the site. Many pages are left-aligned (rather than mixed left and center aligned), headers are changing style, etc. in preparation for moving to cascading-style-sheets (CSS -- you think the browsers have the bugs out of interpreting the markup language yet? they've only been using it for 2+ years....) -- this change involves much updating in the infrastructure, as I'm not only moving to CSS but prepping my site for a later move to xhtml or xml, depending on which I decide to move to. The look won't change much...but BOY is it a LOT of work!!!!!!!
  • updated to do list below to reflect a list of changes I'm currently working on--not all of these changes will be uploaded right away...I might fall behind on what date the changes were typed in vs. uploaded, etc. It's just too much work to keep the update page up to date as well when revamping the site...I'll do what I can...much of the changes are cosmetic. I will probably NOT list those updates here, and just list content changes.


  • Updating site index page to be more concise, reflect what really IS new, etc.
  • played around with the disclaimer page, taking disclaimers off of index page, making obnoxious flashy thing and generally making it a little easier to get to the real meat on my site without having to scroll, as much at least.
  • updated the email page -- can you believe it still listed Flashmail? and put the obnoxious red flashy thing there to the disclaimer page too....
  • updated my Love Resume on the Mirror& site...


  • There is now more accurate info on the Whos Who page, which now sports actual, accurate descriptions on our head well as new self-charts reflecting our latest findings.
  • Individuals newly found and named in here ( Eve, Ice, tSO, "Christina" changed to "Willow") now have their own pages. All the /ind directory sidebars and the index are corrected for above additions, changes and links.
  • changed the Otherkin.htm list group webpage to reflect the site change and administrative changes for the mailing list to smartgroups.
  • added a tiny poem called "Peace praise passion passing" (old) to the P-poetry page and two called "Half-spirit" (old) and "Happy Birthday" (July, 2000) to the H-poetry. Added "It is the Eve", one of Eve's poems from 1992, to I-poetry.
  • added a new-ish poem (May, 2000) called "Telepathy" to the T-poetry page.
  • corrected "New Moon", which was badly formatted, and added it to the TOC of see it with it's revisions check the N-poetry page. Also added two versions of our ancient poem "Now I am Death" to the same page.
  • Began updating poetry pages (A through C) to reflect new headmates, checking that the attributions are correct given our current knowledge and correcting some missing or broken link information, and taking out the accent on the final 'e' in Telre which is not coming up correctly on windows computers.
  • Updated the Glossary page just a tad.


  • added a new poem called "The Rosebush" to the R-poetry page and one called "Burned" to the B-poetry.
  • added an old poem called "New Moon" to the N-poetry page.


  • update to hosting page, bringing it up to date with current # people in my head
  • new self-map, including lower res on who's who page & higher res version if you click on it
  • updates to who's who page, bringing it totally up to date with who is in my head, and why
  • updated "header" (the table column on left of pages) and footer to reflect change of site information, and the new year, and that things that are NOT copyrighted by the Crisses would be otherwise noted
  • updated "bio" page slightly
  • updated Taelee, Ember, Shadestalker, Ruth, Mikki, Star, and Almerissa pages with self-pictures & self-portraits, Willow added a short Ansa'Abram biography to her homepage.
  • glossary page has some additional entries, but still needs a LOT of work
  • added a new poem called "Fallen" to the F-poetry page and one called "Time" that hadn't made it to the T-page last year.
  • added links to the latest updates on the update page :)


  • Added poems from the last year which were not on my website for some reason :)


  • Put a very long list of cool links on my links page. They should not be quite as broken as links I used to have, though I do need to check them again. Moved images to a separate folder, updated a few of my personal personal pages (Chrissy), added a definition to the sparse glossary (Sidhe entry). Still need to get some of our individual sketches onto my computer from the one with the scanner (*rolls eyes*) so that I can make them web-ready.


  • about a month and a half worth of offline-work on individual webpages, finally being added to the website as a whole for public consumption. making 17 personal webpages with 2 hands is not easy. also fixed a lot of broken links.


  • List pages for email lists were added, including subscription information. I now run way too many lists.


  • Began extensive revision of site, including table w/left hand list of links for other pages on site. Different versions of the link list for subfolders, etc. This has the effect of TOTALLY cleaning up the index page, as planned.


  • moved stuff for selves to a subfolder, made pages for each of my'selves, moved some bordello shots to individuals pages, working on new Who's Who page (index page for new subfolder).
  • Some of our personal artwork is included on the new pages.
  • Eliminated several .htm documents: Home.htm, and Stories.htm amongst them....and hopefully eliminated all links to those pages. The Index.htm page will take over their functions.
  • Updates put in reverse order, so the latest updates are listed first.
  • Index page straightened out A LOT...story.htm eliminated in favor of leaving story index on site map.
  • Copyright(s) added to base of include file for all documents, which I wish I didn't need to do, but there are some bastards out there who just don't want to ask....ask and ye shall recieve! Steal, and you might be surprised at what's been formerly published, and how fast a lawsuit teleports its way to you.


  • recommended reading list added, along with reviews


  • separate reiki web annex formed
  • guest book added
  • site search added (may take up to 24 hrs to index site, new things will take 24 hrs to post)
  • index page changed to reflect new additions to website
  • joint website with Benny annexed to
  • all pages altered to reflect new web annexes at baseline of pages (thanks to nifty "include" files option in new software!! Thanks Pagespinner!! :) )


  • update page added
  • using new pagespinner software, now registered
  • some silly sayings added for when certain links are pointed to on the index page

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