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At, our mission is "encouraging internal community". This website is a group collaboration for persons with multiple personalities (multiples) and friends-of-multiples.

Turn your collective life around with minimal help

Discover radical and progressive ideas on improving internal relationships for people with multiple personality "disorder" (aka dissociative identity "disorder" and DDNOS), trauma, abuse survivors and people with PTSD.

Got questions about Dissociative Identity (disorder?)? check out Multiplicity: The Missing Manual

A manual for people with Multiple Personalities and those who love them.

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Need help getting along? United Front is our newest resource

While still a work-in-progress, United Front is our most complete self-help resource, available on a sliding scale basis or as part of a book bundle while we're still working on it.

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Need FREE help getting along? Try the United Front Boot Camp

A series of self-help articles and exercises to encourage your system to work together and build internal community and communication.

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Prefer listening? Try the Many Minds on the Issue podcast

Of special importance right now is our series on Internal Trust Issues which starts at: Welcome to DID: We Are Not Your Enemy (009) New

Mini Multiple Manifesto!

Let's bypass making the situation worse before it gets better, skip twiddling our thumbs for years based on therapies that are inhumane and when you think about it make absolutely no sense. We can leave our past in the past, cut years off our recovery, live our collective life, trust in ourselves, love ourselves, and make the absolute best of our situation. We must refuse to hold out on having sanity until the “good doctor” can see us again!

Come get a taste of the Manifesto!

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