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Virgin : Yet another version of Star?

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When we were young we went to church, and witnessed masses without any education on the basics. We were raised in a primarily Roman Catholic neighborhood, and our peers and environment taught us that virginity was something we were supposed to have until we married.

And we bought in for a while.

The problem is that you can't really be a virgin having more sexual experience than many adults, having seen what I'd seen, etc. Virgin was one of our oxymoronic self-damaging and self-hampering fragments. It latched on to Star, or maybe it was born from her, who knows. It was convinced that we should be a virgin until we married, with no guarantee that we didn't lose our technical virginity along with our sanity at a young age. Others in here knew OF sexuality first-hand and some wanted more of it. This is a direct conflict.

At the same time that we were staving off advances, we hungered for them...and we gave our virginity to a boyfriend for his birthday -- if we were still virgins.

But Virgin was still here. And would occasionally crop up with intense guilt and much mental anguish, glitchiness, etc. about having a sexlife.

And still occasionally does.

Star got a LOT of the mental glitchiness for various reasons.

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