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"Spitfire", Ember (nickname)


Fire Elemental/shapeshifter, usually female.

Distinguishing Traits:

Red hair or flames whenever possible. Can shapeshift from a tall red haired woman, to a firesprite, to a flaming winged unicorn, to a phoenix, to a salamander, etc. Anything fire, flames, hottempered, likes to rant and rage, probably sizzles well... her personality is much like her distinguishing traits...she does seem very intelligent/intellectual, but not very stable wrt emotions


Song: Burnin for You by Blue Öyster Cult -- it's a joke, if she meant it we'd be looking at Aliessa wondering if she'd put on a new outfit for a while


Professional image (right) courtesy of & © Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information. Provided by Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images website (from artwork entitled The Gathering. Used with permission. Resemblance to persons in my head is an accident of coincidence, it was not commissioned, it was stumbled upon.

Ember has integrated with Aliessa. Perhaps Aliessa had put on a new outfit for a while after all? :) Ember integrated in December 2002. (2023 note, not sure this is true…)

One of the newer additions to the "family", she's a humanoid fire elemental, we're guessing...there's a vague chance she has limited(?) shapeshifting ability and is also a Ki-Rin (or some flaming horselike thing with wings and a horn), a firesprite, a phoenix, etc....Kirin are supposed to be air elementals, but she says that you can't believe all the myths you read.

I popped out of the "back room" around the summer of 1999. I'm a Fire Elemental, or something very much like it. I can and do take many forms, in spirit -- a flaming "kirin"/unisis, salamander, red-haired woman, fire-sprite, phoenix, etc.

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