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The Engagement

This is a large study, library, & meeting space for in-system elders, or more specifically a task force of in-system wise folk, representatives, spiritual folk, etc. to work on projects of spiritual and system-wide relevance. Essentially it's a specially selected slate of officers & crew members hand-chosen for specific qualities.

The Engagement (group) consists of: Star, Dreal, Aliessa, Drendel, Isabeau New, Hawthorn, Ember, Almerissa, Willow, Elvair, Mikki, Warren, Daphne

They are spinning off various projects for system improvements, such as:

  • Working on a system-wide adoption ceremony to further cement the in-system reparenting ethic, and give all of the children official in-system parents rather than a foster care situation.
  • The idea of and backing/means to carry out the Recreation Center New project which is being granted to the system teens (with Nikki New on point) to own and operate on the grounds that they are responsible with their in-system resources and that the system adults may also utilize the grounds after system kid bedtimes and on holidays as a family recreation center in conjunction with the outdoor play areas of the Nursery New. So things like allowing the indoor gym to double as a flex-space for large parties or gatherings/ceremonies. The adults have made an agreement that their use of the space requires them to leave the space as they found it and clean up after themselves.

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