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Professional image (right) courtesy of & © Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information. Provided by Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images website (from artwork entitled The Gathering. Used with permission. Resemblance to persons in my head is an accident of coincidence, it was not commissioned, it was stumbled upon.

Shadestalker (rarely, "Shade")


Female black leopard or black panther, about 3 feet tall, or about 6+ feet long.

Distinguishing Traits:

A fairly average seeming black panther, not particularly more or less notable than any other. She's quiet. She growls, she rarely has anything coherant to say. We easily know her from Midnight, but that doesn't mean everyone would. Personality of a large black panther. Perpetually hungry. Attached mostly to Taelee, and with very little idea (or care) of anything in particular going on in life.


Hunting. Raw steaks. Reminds her of antilope.

Old quote (maybe use for Midnight's page): Two black panthress spirits, mainly attatched to Taelee...Shadestalker was booted out of our head because she appears to be Taelee's panther "totem spirit", and Midnight is a totemic panther spirit we found recently (fall of 2001) and appears to be direct from Panther (the Totem). Both generally tend to go to other dimensions with Taelee when she travels out of body.

The black panther to whom Taelee is soul-bonded. She is often very hungry <grins> She usually goes whereever Taelee goes...

Shadestalker is Taelee's companion black panther, and she doesn't talk much.

There is a good possibility that she's simply a totemic guardian spirit who Taelee had at one point invited into our head. We booted her back out into the "guardian" circle as a companion, rather than being in our body/head.

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