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At some point around I guess 1998 or so, Crimishia went deep down and lost consciousness, and when she arose again some time later (months probably) she came back with the certain conviction of having undergone a transformation from Maiden to Mother (as in Maiden-Mother-Crone) and changed her name to Blethedar, meaning Moon Shadow's Star, from which the name Star is derived.

Blethedar is now associated with a lifetime Star remembers being a fey in -- a small winged elfin/faerie creature, about 4 foot tall, and exceptionally tied to nature -- perhaps best described as something born of moss sighing in the summer nighttime. She is diminutive, has a single pair of gossamer dragonfly-like wings that are low on her back, and straight black hair that she normally ties back. Her skin is a light cocoa color, I think. At least one of {{Frank's Comix}} shows a depiction of Star-as-Blethedar.

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