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Drendel Sunbreeze sometimes Dren


Elegant female Sidhe elf. About 5'8", 145lbs or so, with golden-red hair that was long and curly, ice blue eyes, and pale freckled skin.

Distinguishing Traits:

Tall, diaphanous woman, one who you perhaps wouldn't see if you looked straight at her...achingly beautiful, but unaffected. Quiet but wise, very highly observant, reserved in judgement, kind, compassionate, sometimes a tad distant and contemplative, wispy, etherial, ghostly. Picture a swan maiden, a unicorn, and a Sidhe princess rolled into one being. Nuff sed?


Song: Rivendell by Rush ("You feel there's something calling you, you're wanting to return, where the Misty Mountains rise, and friendly fires burn. Place you can escape the world, where the Dark Lord cannot go...peace of mind, and sanctuary, by the water's flow...")

Color: Gold

The third of a trinity of SoulSiblings, she is Sister to Dreal and Blethedar. She was destined to be queen in her lands (Kerri), betrothed to Celeglas, the King with no Crown. She had just found out she was pregnant when she was cut down at the Battle of North Pass in her world. Nightwind was in communion with her at her time of death and has very vivid memories of Drendel's passing away. Memories of this triggered Abram New's channeling ability, and Abram was able to call her back from the Sea as a ghost on purpose at Celeglas' behest in this lifetime. Normally cheerful, kind, gentle and loving. One of Ansa'Abram's channeled-then-permanent resident guests.

I've been working on an autobiography:

I was fairly old....but being Sidhe I didn't show my age well at all. I remember vaguely past lives as a swanmaiden and a unicorn, so I was fairly naieve and innocent and pure still....not STUPID, per say, but perhaps a little more likely to take it on faith that things would turn out well, and that everything was under some Divinity's control.

I was friends with an elvish woman. She took a wizard to bed, which might not have been totally wise, I thought....but she seemed happy. Not long thereafter, he kissed her on the forehead, as he was a truly tall being, and he left her. Very soon after, we knew he'd left his seed to grow in her, and she rejoiced that she'd be birthing.

Spring came, and cool breezes, and she often said she talked to her unborn child's spirit, and that it would be coming soon, much sooner than any Sidheborn. By the size of her belly, I'd have said she'd have twins, but I too spoke with the boychild in her womb, whose prebirth name was Silver....

She asked me to catch her baby, which was an honor for the day came when we found a place in the woods, and settled in for her baby to come, and she told him she was ready, and he was ready, and the birthing began.

It was a birthing, neither too easy nor too difficult, and she lay back exhausted and exhilerated and I handed to her Celeglas who I knew perhaps too well. I watched Celee, known as Silverleaf to others, grow quickly from suckling babe, to romping child, to gangly youth. I had to hold my amusement at bay so many times, that this boy would one day be a man, and that at that time, I'd take him as my husband, or so I hoped, for I truly beleived he was my Soulmate.

He was not fully elvish Sidhe, his time was passing more quickly than that which passed for me. It seemed but heartbeats apart before he'd grow another inch or three, and but a day or week before he started to get the first hairs on his chin which meant he was now mature.

Then time slowed for him, and me. He brought me flowers, somewhat shy at first, but then more boldly, he brought me other gifts....honey, and wine, and tasties. Then a small music box, which sang like birds at dawn in the summer. Then he brought me a necklace to lay in it when I slept at night...and the birds greeted me twice each day, once in the dawn to wake me, then again as I dressed and put the necklace on each day.

He packed us a picnic one day, and we went to the hot spring near our homes.

to be continued....

Story of my death, as told by Elvair & Star

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