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Blethedar (sometimes Belthedar), meaning "Moon Shadow's Star", thus "Star" for short. One of her lives is as Crimishia meaning Nightwind, nickname of Mishia.

Always female excepting perhaps the 6Arms incarnation. 4 lives known: "Temple" as a dark-skinned small elf (also incarnated in same lifetime at Kerri as pale skinned, which is reflected in a pencil sketch below), one as a rustic sylvan elf farmer lass, one as a delicate dark-skinned winged fae, perhaps 4' tall, and one as a whopping large 6-limbed/armed being with a serpentine tail and brown/grey skin.
Distinguishing Traits
Soft-spoken, generally, and observant, often confused with Dreal except that Star is not shy and can say her name when she's fronting. Slow to come to decisions unless urgency warrants it, determined and efficient once a path is chosen. Prone to "Callings" when someone needs healing.
Wears "healer-blue" as often as she can, usually likes shorter skirts or dresses than Dreal.

From Drendel:

As she stood atop the hill, silhouetted against the darkening sky, I felt a painful desire to approach her, to show her my kinship by collapsing into loving arms and wrapping my arms around her with similar affection. She was short, very much so. Her frame was strong, so unlike my own frail skeleton. Wind gusted through silver-highlighted, moonlit black hair that was just past her buttocks, and it flowed around her short staff, on her right.

She was still, nonetheless, and watched as the moon rose. Her full chest rose in deep breaths as her small, upturned nose savored the scents of First Moon. Her left hand lay upon her hip, long fingers, thin, but startlingly strong, with long, claw-like nails. Her eyes were the color of the deepest shadows on the moon, gray-green. They were always dark, deep as the middle of a lake, always looking, searching, for what I knew not.

Her face was slim, her eyes large, her small nose upturned . Her ears curved upward and tapered in a point, her cheeks were high and strong, her skin nearly the color of a week-old babe, untouched by the blaze of the sun, marking her as the owl she seemed to follow.

ALTERNATE ending: her skin nearly the color of the nighttime sky, nearly as blue-black as her long, wavy, hair.

Normally quiet, reserved and observant. Native form: black-skinned Kelliste elf, with "eyes the color of the shadows of the moon" (grey-green), very similar to the color of Criss-body's eyes. Very short, approximately 4'10 ish, amongst elves who averaged a few inches taller. Small, upturned nose, long full & curly black hair kept mostly loose, with the top in a ponytail out of the eyes, small pointy ears. Has several other incarnations: one is the same form with pale skin. A winged fae, perhaps 3-4 feet tall, who was dark brown/chocolate skinned, kept her hair pulled back behind her very long pointy ears, had a pair of single-bladed dragonfly wings, and was proportionally very long-limbed. Another was a slate-brown/grey being, perhaps 6' tall (but longer with the tail) when erect, six arms and no legs, which had acidic blood. The other form she remembered is an elvish farmgirl which she doesn't have a particularly good description for...perhaps shoulder-length brown hair, paleish skinned, perhaps tanned slightly, uses sword, maybe bow, as a martial art weapon.

This is the page of MoonShadow'sStar, aka Blethedar, Nightwind, Crimishia, and a whole lot of other names LOL. I've had several lives that I'm aware of....I've been a winged fae, an elf several times, and a dark brownish or greyish being with six arms, but no legs.

An elvish healer, I have not actually died yet, but was a plane traveller, and am now exiled to this world. Before coming here, I was already an Otherkin Hostess, through an experiment with a device (see below) from another plane. I am the one usually responsible for organizing the other spirits occupying the body. If this body were to die, there are Others in here who would probably return to my body with me. When I was last born, before the experiment, I had a symbiant relationship with Warren.

I can remember several past lives. In a recent discussion with Fate (my Patron Deity), I was informed that I am a "Second Timer" (I had thought I hadn't any past lives, and this was my first time on the Wheel). And that I had closer connections with Fate for much longer than I knew.

One of my recently remembered past lives was as a Fae (winged folk, about 3-4' tall), and another as an unidentified race (about 6' tall, muscular, 6 arms, serpentine tail, no legs).

Recently we realized that I am not the only one responsible for the fact that we're an Otherkin Hostess, that Ansa'Abram is also a Hostess & split .

The odd contraption (see above) is quite like the thing that put all the extra people in me. We have a sketch of it someplace, which is kinda better, but I can't find it right now. And of course, it's missing a lot of buttons or something along the top and bottom, and looks quite 2 d in the illustration, but we never claimed to be really good at drawing, did we?

Also working on a language project with Dreal, which is a Kella-elvish page.

This is my autobiography. Be aware that the chapters are lenghthy, that they might be confusing, and since we don't want you to be confused, please let us know what you are confused about if you read this, so we can alter the text as necessary to alleviate your confusion.

Crimishia's brief perspective on this life, and an introduction to her world, preparing the reader to read about her life.
Chapter 1 - An Awakening
From Crimishia's "birth" through her acceptance of a mission which led to planar travel.
Chapter 2 - The Experiment
Crimishia's adventures on the world of Kerri, so radically different from her birthworld, with her entirely new perspective and state of mind on things. (unfinished)
Chapter 3
Unwritten as of yet. Most of her memories for this time are foggy and we haven't had a chance to delve deeply enough into them to actually write about them.
Epilogue - A Problem With Callings
One day in this lifetime, Crimishia suddenly remembered the end of her life on Kerri, and this is her accounting of it.

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<< Consuela | Who's Who | Crimishia >>

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