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Ilmarya (ill-MAR-ya) is the term of endearment used by the brother of this elvish farmer's daughter. Her term of endearment for him may have been "Media" (meh-DEE-ah), because that term has been on the tip of Star's lips for a very very long time. "Ilmarya" is now associated with the lifetime as the farmer's daughter, where Star recalls being an elvish lass growing up on an isolated farm with her brother and some other people, their mother having died, and often being left up to her own devices to make -- um -- trouble -- with her brother.

This lifetime has many graphic scenes, including one in which Ilmarya and her brother are chased by large bipedal insects with many high tech weapons. Ilmarya also distinctly remembers swordplay with her brother and cutting him one day. She often bested him with the sword.

This fragment or lifetime or person is most DEFINITELY NOT Virgin -- Virgin has nothing to do with this fragment.

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