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And now for something completely different...

Welcome to "Whose Limb is it Anyway?"

Frank: This week's contestant is...uh...what are we calling you now?
Star: *Sighs* Star...

Frank: The wonderful, multifaceted STAR!
Audience: *cheers*
Frank: If you'll feast your eyes on the wheel, one spin and we'll know what form the many-aspected elfmaid will take today!
Audience: *gasps*
Star: Oh, dear...
Wheel: *spinning/ticking noises*

Frank: Looks like we have a winner here...
It slices, it dices, it spits acid and it works in a genetics and strong 6-Arms! (*whispers*) Just um...please don't spit on me, ok?
Star (as 6-Arms): Promise not to do this again.

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