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Hi, all! That's me, FRANK in "Control" Yeah it's cool. I have Front. Except...There's no MILKY WAYS! NooOOoooo! All outta candy!!

I'm not alone, you know...

There's more...I'm just a really bad artist.

Telré: Hey! Dude! What are you up to?
Ice: It's ok -- he said he wanted to draw...
Warren: *incomprehensible*
Aliessa: Hi.
Star (Fae form): Hi!
Ruth: *billowy smoke from nostrils*

Another Typical Day in a Head Full of Crisses...

Telré: Ice! What you doin' out there?
Ice (Isabeau New): Lookin' in the help wanteds...
Telré: Hey, can I get the fashion section when you're done?
Shane: (I want the comics!)
Aliessa: (Do I really live with these people?)

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