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Criss2 is a mask -- our "Criss mask" -- used to interface with everyday situations outside the protection of our house or our carefully chosen social support system. After the dissolution of Criss 1, we decided that we'd care for the body-life hands-on, 24/7. This mask requires someone to actively utilize it for it to function; it has no autopilot and no autonomous functions. It is not even a veil. It has no consciousness or autonomy. It's essentially *only* a particular mannerism, walk, posture, hand movements, verbal choices, written signature, etc. so that we can go to the store, deal with our customers, answer the phone, etc. without having it sound like a different person depending on who is front.

Criss 2 started out easily put on and taken off in a hurry. It worked out well for quite some time to help us mask our multiplicity in situations where we needed to appear a singlet, and sometimes "Criss" is flavored by whoever is using it.

The idea was that when we're out in the public eye, we would automatically put on the Criss mask. This is why most people who have met us haven't seen obvious signs of our multiplicity.

The problem is that again, over time, the interface got riveted or welded on, again leading to a state of semi-depersonalization for the Crisses which needs to be fixed. When you're blending too well, or when you're missing one another's interactions internally because you're mashed potatoes much of the time, something's up.

So, like Criss 1, Criss 2 got stuck. May 21-22, 2018, we worked on visualizations of removing the mask and re-working it into our new "spaceship" paradigm, we explicitly added a knob to the control panel and refashioned Criss 2 into an iris door portal over the Front interface. Now Front has also been altered from a "door" into more of a round viewscreen (not to be confused with the "Projector Screen").

Criss 2 now can be controlled expicitly from Control. We'll see whether this idea works better. Always a work-in-progress.

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