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Heidi -- stylized anagram of 'H'awthorn, 'E've and 'I'sabeau (+di)


Perhaps human, definitely female, approximately 17-18 years old.

Distinguishing Traits:

Sassy pretty young thing, playful and exuberant. Has a more childish voice than most of the people in our body, occasionally has the telltale nervous bouncing of Hawthorn or the unassuming seductive gleam of Eve. In a nutshell, generally more anxious than Eve, more self-possessed than Hawthorn, and more functional than Isabeau New. A mainly-functional blend of three "childhood" splits from the body spirit.



as pictured: Isabeau New (left), Hawthorn (center), Eve (right) forming the Heidi construct/merge

Heidi happened after Eve and Chrissy decided that Isabeau New and Hawthorn needed a lot of work and that doing it as individuals was not working very well. Hawthorn volunteered for being put into the construct, while Isabeau was not fully capable of giving consent, but was outvoted either way after some particularly disasterous behaviors were attributed to Isabeau.

Heidi first appeared on June 25th, 2001 and gave herself a name on June 26th. Heidi has some of the best traits of the people who comprise her. As of 2018, this is still not a permanent merge — just temporary blends, and all 3 young women continue to advance in self-work independently of the blend.

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