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Main Fronts of The Crisses

We all answer to Criss. We do not expect people to remember this stuff, but this is basically a shortcut "highlights" list rather than stare at a hundred names. Because we're LegoCrisses, we can also have a tough time pinpointing people because the Front is a blend of many components at any given moment with components being removed or added on an as-needed basis. This one's skills with that one's moods with this other's interests. It can get messy when we get blendy, so we aren't always 100% certain who we are all the time.

Main Fronts (often cycles through other folk for days, weeks, or months at a time)

  • Buck New — deeper voice, gruff, rough around the edges, crass sometimes, short of temper overall, main interests around human rights activism (so that's why he's so grumpy ;) ), protector, look for manspreading, wild gestures, frowning a lot. lol
  • Lissie New — if there are animals around, you're likely to see Lissie. Since she's been doing the petsitting tasks lately, and human folk usually aren't around, she probably won't be seen in public much.
  • Faun New & Isabeau New — we aren't sure which is whom sometimes, since Hart aged up to Faun (age 14) and Isabeau is about 17ish and they have overlapping interests, we can't tell if they're blending or separate. Geeky girl, programming, running our business, etc. Misc work tasks, client dealings, etc. Not the best times for introspection and selves-poking about to see whom is whom.

Secondary Fronts

  • Erin — hardcore server tasks, debugging, programming, difficult driving conditions, or anything having to do with airplanes/flying. Ex-military pilot background.
  • Aliessa — public relations, large events, magnetism, intimacy, getting "dressed up", prep for being on camera
  • Drendel — public relations, large events, diplomacy, organizing and running events, managing expectations in crowded places, managing events and delegating tasks

Tertiary Fronts

  • Star — healing, care for people who are sick or in pain, Reiki, spiritual work, priestess, liaison to some of our Deities.
  • Dreal — shamanic work, spiritual work, Reiki leader, out of body work, connected to most of our Reiki guides.
  • Almerissa — protector, can be ruthless and cruel if that gets the job done. Not nice, but efficient. Might seem delicate and dainty — more at refined — but can cut a person down easily if pressed. Usually if she's fronting, there's a serious issue no one else can handle.
  • Taelee — protector, capable of catnaps with one eye open anytime anywhere in a single bound, notable accent and usually blunt and brief when she speaks. Can take over when everyone else is too tired to give a spoon. Sometimes goes on long out-of-body vacations.
  • Frank — if there's original art, graphics, icons, etc. being done, Frank usually has his mitts in it. Funny, young, sometimes even silly. A little shy.
  • Heidi — cooking seems to be falling to the blend or any portion thereof of Eve, Hawthorn & Isabeau.

Others front as well, but not as regularly as the above.

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