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An overview of the Front Room featuring the Pillows and Control.

This is the main room in which people in our head interact. This room is fairly crowded most of the time with artifacts of our internal landscape, although components might appear or disappear as people shift from room to room (imagine that, for example, Pandora takes her box into and away from front with her. It's not quite like that but that image will do.).

This room has several notable features in it that seem to be constants: Front; the Front window; the Projector Screen; Control panel; The Door that leads to the Back Room; and the Bench. The people who are found in the room at any point, or the other objects we've recognized in our internal landscape, may come and go, some are more available than others (the Criss mask is often there, although we decided that it's probably best depicted as hanging up outside of Front).

There is a portal directly out from the Front Room, which reaches the Sea, and if anyone simply goes straight "up" from the Front Room they go to the Astral Plane, which is the "sky" in the internal landscape.

An overview of the Front Room featuring the Bench and Pandoras Box.

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