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This is a room off the side of the Front Room in our head. In this room there's the Round Table which is modeled after the one from King Author's Court. Open attendance meetings are held here, usually with our body in a semi-trance state so that no one needs to be in Front. Whoever has the most of our Awareness or "I" usually calls the meeting to order, and "I" is passed around or split between multiple people as much as necessary for people to both voice opinions on any topics on the agenda, or to actually vote if need be. This room is extremely important for our self-governance and the fairness of our decision making system.

A close up view of the Meeting Room with the Round Table.

Besides the archway into the Front Room, the meeting room has an open portal from our body connected by a strange tunnel to The House New, with an open archway to the Front Room, and possibly an additional doorway into the Back Room, which we've been debating about. That doorway is not depicted; it's existance is uncertain.

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